She left her job as a teacher to write a book on the effects of Reims “for children from 5 to 102 years old”.

Aurélie Pattier, a former college music teacher, decided to go off on her own by writing, illustrating and publishing the song “My eyes sparkle” (titled “Follow me, look”). Crowdfunding completed on Sunday 17 April enabled him to write this book on the religious heritage of Reims.

“Make your life a dream, and this dream a reality.” Aurélie Pattier applied this famous saying of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to the letter.

Until the beginning of the 2021 school year, she was studying music in college. But she wanted to do something else after these twenty years: write and draw a book, My eyes are shining (Subtitle Follow me, look). It will be published thanks to the success of the Ulule kitty, whose completion on Sunday 17 April 2022 resulted in a sale of 6,200 euros.

The thirty-page book is dedicated For children from 5 to 102 years old. The short route allows you to find out a wealth of information about religious buildings in Reims (Marne), from the Basilica of Fogetta to the Basilica of Saint-Remy, without forgetting the Great Mosque and the Synagogue (see the route to do in the city on the map below).

France 3 Champagne-Ardenne gave the floor to this writer full of ideas and energy: 1,200 copies of her book at 17 euros will appear at the beginning of May on the shelves of bookstores and the Reims Tourist Office. The address was found. “My eyes shine in the face of all the beautiful things that surround us in our city Reims: they are so beautiful, what surrounds us, and we have to talk to our children about them. The subtitle, Follow me and see, indicates that in this book we are going for a walk in a museum with a little girl” . Who is also the youngest, featured on the cover This beautiful book is about beautiful things.Which represents “Museum of my poetry, both through illustrations and texts. I find that we do not have many books about the beautiful things that surround us, even less with beautiful words, which are rhyme and musical sound.”

Thus the coronation city is honored (and drew the attention of the newspaper the Union Who has dedicated an enthusiastic page to him). “Because we have wonderful buildings on every street corner. I can’t pass by our churches and monuments without turning my head and looking. Kids, because we ourselves don’t know much about them. My lack of culture about it frustrates me.”

The topic is not boring, even for young children who know nothing about the history of these places or the concepts rooted in religions (note that the book does not call for evangelism and never quotes God). “Only when you don’t know anything about it. There is the history, the architecture, the messages hidden behind statues or stained glass windows… Children are able, without any problem, to take an interest in all this… Only that there are very few books that you will talk to them about This topic. I think putting the child before this and talking to him about it in a sensitive and reasonable way, with a lot of conviction and passion, joy: will put him to work.”

There is something there “Nourishing children’s potential with real, real-life things”She is sure of that. What also keeps them looking at their surroundings: Several religious denominations are represented in this book. Originally, more secular or secular monuments were also planned, but the author preferred it “To refocus to avoid going everywhere. I wanted to open up the wonder, but not on the only things we already know. For example, not just the cathedral. I also wanted to tell people about the existence of the Great Mosque, that “there are people of other faiths in our country, and they Respected. I think some kids.” [et adultes assurément, ndlr] I do not know at all that there is a temple or a synagogue in Reims. I think if we didn’t talk to them about all that there was, we wouldn’t make them tolerant kids, and they would risk saying to themselves, “I’ve never been told that, so it’s disgusting.” “

Note that we are talking about children, but the target group is between 5 and 102 years old. This group is quite large Possible reading levels Which is the author’s pride, but there is a good reason for that in this intergenerational dimension (very important in Reims). Because everyone can read at their own pace. “A five-year-old might want to read everything, while another just wants to look at the illustrations: he will still take something from the book. Its hidden message is that we stop saying the book is designed for such an age: children’s literature that works by category. Omariya, he’s so stupid.”

“It is true that we are aimed more at children of this age and such, but the adults who did my language review for the final review told me that they learned a lot of things, and that they found it useful for them too. I know that too. [des personnes âgées] They just wait to be able to read about the churches in which they were married or which they particularly love. Same for a three-year-old who recognizes the building on his street corner or the building where his cousin was baptized. And in the event that these buildings do not interest a part of the readers so much, the photographer also has hidden pigeons in each of his drawings, Because the little details are magical. still.

The 43-year-old former teacher gave leave of absence from national education (not a full and complete resignation, but no longer paid). I found the order Routine, rigid and unadapted to the multiple needs and intelligences of our children [elle est très Montessori-compatible; ndlr]. I’m too sensitive to leave restless kids in classes of 30 people.” There was a desire to find something ‘Don’t stress it’allowing her to go home and devote herself entirely to her family and her desires (teachers have a lot of work at home, administrative tasks to run, meetings and training to take part in).

Desire to research (on the Internet or at the Carnegie Library), to meet (architects, clergy, etc.), and to be creative. Writing loves and shapes it “absolute freedom”. The will is also there to prove to itself that it is “Can’t be a teacher until only 65 brooms”. Constraints, and then a part-time job in a bakery (his energy and dynamism compensated for his utter lack of experience), allowed him to tackle this entire enterprise (when the others opened bookstores). “We were deprived of everything, concerts or walking in the streets, and all this culture, this architecture, these performances, we lost it. I told myself at the time that it was fun, before I wanted to go to the other side of the world – because we couldn’t go to The end of our street too – shall we go and find out what’s at the bottom of our house?

You couldn’t imagine what ‘Impossible support’ From more than a hundred people who allowed him to complete his project. “At first, I was a little uncomfortable. I don’t usually ask for help to do what I want to do, let alone financial help. In fact, many people told me this, and I thought what I was going to do for a year, I was doing it to share. And after That, if I talked to people, they would be fine to help. But I honestly didn’t think there would be such a big donation.”

Aurélie Pattier does not refrain from writing futuristic books on other Reims subjects, which she is hiding for the time being. because for her, “For humanity to calm down, we must talk about everything and about beauty to our children. With passion.” It concludes with a quote from Father Jay Gilbert, who wrote “To be amazed by the landscape as much as by the beauty of human intelligence. That intelligence who knew how to build Notre-Dame de Paris, Reims Cathedral, the Istanbul Mosque; who painted the frescoes of Albi Cathedral… because beauty evokes kindness.” Something that makes you want to open your eyes to the world around us, and not just to children.

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