Candidate for “The Voice” victim of a fake heiress is actually an escort, swinging

This story deserves the greatest thriller scenario or even reminds us of a case tinder. But, this time, it’s not a man, it’s a young Frenchwoman who attacked a former candidate of the sound. This came on the set of TPMP to tell us that he was the victim of a girl escort who lied from the ground up about his life and intentions…

the sound : A former candidate is being robbed by a great manipulator!

You may remember that pretty face. In fact, Sacha Perez participated in the sound In 2016. The audience was totally fascinated by his title performance few things from One-way. Thanks to this song, he joined the Mika team. Unfortunately, his career was interrupted by tough fights. And at that time, we weren’t able to recruit losers like in the current season.

Anyway, since this experience, we have had no news of the young man. He returned to the front of the stage a few days ago, but with an incredible story. In fact, he was tricked by an escort who assumed he was Rich in millions. He decided to publish the whole story on social networks and in the press. Apparently, this is not the only victim of this Machiavellian girl …

after the scammer tinderHere’s the tricky cognac!

On April 18, 2022, on his account InstagramSacha Perez writes his adventure. This photo reveals that it was a young victim named Jasmine. The two young men had a romantic relationship. ” I found out she was a escort girl, and when she told me she was going to meet her family, she was actually going to visit her clients.. When I left my house, I stole my mother’s jewelry, the clothes of my father who had died, as well as nearly 1,000 euros in cash that we had at home. In addition, the lead singer tea voice He says he was trapped on a more intimate level as well…” I’m also mad at her because she told me she just took a test and was allergic to condoms, so I trusted her and today I have herpes and chlamydia…He said sorry.

former candidate the sound had to crush…

When the former candidate for the sound Meeting Jasmine is a bit exciting. At first, everything is going well and he believes his words. In fact, a beautiful brunette tells her that she comes from a rich cognac family when this is not the case at all. journalists Parisian He seized the case and exposed his real life. In fact, she comes from a humble background. She is the eldest daughter of a family of four children raised by her mother without the presence of the father.

You have never lived in a luxury villa, but rather live in an HLM located in the town of Croen. Since participating in the soundSasha Perez has transformed. In fact, he sings during his spare time, but to earn a living, he works as a VTC driver and lives in Charenton-le-Pont in Val-de-Marne. Apparently, he’s not the only one this young lady has greeted. All of them accuse Jasmine of theft, fraud, threats, cyber-bullying and even extortion.

An investigation is underway…

It is now a matter of trying to consolidate all complaints. But also to hear the victim again so that she can contact us with all the people who have come into contact with her on social networks, who have not necessarily started the legal process. Their testimony can be important to get as many facts as possible and shed light on the issue. »

deny everything

Face the beautiful brown-colored pronouncements of the soundJasmine refutes everything and always has another version to give. ” I didn’t steal anything, everything was in the bags that Sasha prepared for me to leave the day he kicked me out.. Besides, I always said: If there is something in my bags, I will return it to you. This is what she did by bringing the jewelry to the police station the day after her complaint. Sasha cheated on me and lied about everything. His drug use makes him say and do anything. But perhaps he hopes to make a fuss in this way?‘, she explains to our colleagues from Parisian. We shared with you some excerpts from his passage inside TPMP. So, dear readersObjekoWhat is your clan Sasha team or Jasmine team?

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