Participate in the May 1, 2022 rally online!

This Sunday, May 1, 9 p.m. French time, the online gathering of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) will celebrate International Workers’ Day in Extraordinary Conditions of Crisis.

The war between NATO against Russia in Ukraine has pushed the world to the brink of global war and nuclear catastrophe. NATO forces sabotage any attempt to negotiate. Biden’s government dramatically escalates the conflict. He intends to inject weapons worth tens of billions of dollars into Ukraine and declares that his goal is to impose a strategic defeat on Russia.

The Covid-19 pandemic in two years has already killed 20 million people worldwide. New variables are emerging, but the capitalist countries say the epidemic is over and end measures to stop infection. Banks and companies around the world are putting enormous pressure on China to abandon its “Zero Covid” policy, which would lead to the deaths of millions more. The uncontrolled spread of the virus may lead to the emergence of new, more lethal variants, rendering vaccines ineffective.

During the pandemic, the global bourgeoisie made a massive transfer of wealth, plunging billions into poverty while accumulating unprecedented sums. Paralyzed by debt, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are calling for ruthless austerity in the Third World, which will exacerbate crises and intensify the class struggle. Markets are unstable, commodity prices are rising, and supply chains are in shock.

The sanctions imposed on Russia by the imperialist powers of NATO are driving hundreds of millions of people to starvation. The loss of grain and fertilizer exports from Eastern Europe means that mass starvation is looming in poor countries. In imperialist countries, the explosion of prices means that hundreds of millions of people are struggling to survive or to avoid misery. Inflation undermines the purchasing power of billions of workers around the world.

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