NFTs named “Okay Bears” make $18 million in 24 hours

Well, the bears are topping the charts

Here’s a situation that doesn’t happen often: Projects of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) deployed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain have He left the first position on the platform for a new project created on another blockchain.

These are the Bears, okay.profile picture NFTs (PFP) depicting bears with many random traits and It was minted to 10,000 copies. Launched at 1.5 SOL ($145), all 10,000 copies of Okay Bears were Sold at Magic EdenSolana, one of the platforms for selling NFTs on the Solana (SOL) blockchain.

The secondary market caught on quickly, driving up the price of bears significantly and generating no less than $18.4 million sales volume on April 26. And so this new group passed for some time Before giants in the field like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) So are their mutant cousins, even Moonbirds or Meebits.

According to the classification of the Open Sea platform, Okay Beards . ranks Currently the third place in saleswith a sales volume of 97386 sol 24 hours, Or about $9.6 million.

It’s about The first time that the NFTs project developed in Solana ranked first Platform in terms of sales More than 24 hours. However, in a global comparison, Ethereum remains the leader with $104 million same-day sales in terms of NFT sales, versus Solana’s $29.1 million, which With that saw its sales volume explode by +216%. Especially thanks to Okay Bears.

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Why this success?

In the face of the great leader of the NFTs universe Yoga Labsat the origin of the core NFTs now boredom monkey yacht club Which recently acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits groups, new ventures realize that they have to ensure a certain quality.

The success of the ‘club’ system, which allows BAYC holders to take advantage of several advantages including exclusive airdrops, is well established. Instead of trading simple NFTs, the It seems that the community wants concrete projects.

That’s what Okay Beards has to offer here on their website White papersAnd called “Blueprint” (Technical drawing).

“We are not only publishing a roadmap, we are laying out the blueprint that will guide and build a world-leading community-centric Web 3.0 brand.”

Hence, Okay Bears, among others, ” alcohol market ‘, which will give its owners access to exclusive worldwide content, conferences or exclusive merchandise thanks to the partnership with Shopify.

Corner “Gallery” It will also be set up so that the Okay Bears community can directly interact with the project by submitting fan art. In addition, the project will also serve Community Initiative Incubator It aims to develop the Okay Bears ecosystem through a system of licenses and grants.

Anyway, here is a project to follow closely, And who risks talking about it.

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Sources: Open Sea, Magic Eden

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