Goons Of Balatroon: The Innovative Metaverse

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idiots Palatron (GOB), the hybrid metaverse, has successfully closed a $2.46 million fundraising drive led by Jun Capital and Merit Circle. It included Vulcan Forge, Bullpyrex, Unison, Play Nite, College Group, Sky Vision Capital, and Maven Capital. Also participating in the fundraising were angel investors such as the CEOs of HUSL and Lovelace World and Charles Read of Rarestone Capital.

Funds from the initial sale and special sale will help GOB to further develop the collectible card game with other exclusive projects. GOB aims to build a multiipart . platform which supports the game of collectible cards and a full franchise of NFT gaming experiences. It plans to include expansion map sets, immersive gameplay, unique customization, the inclusion of NFT lands, and landowners ecosystem mechanics.

The GOB team consists of industry professionals with expertise that includes collectible card games, NFT games, web development, and blockchain. Having Vulcan Forged as a partner will give GOB access to new opportunities and the innovative ecosystem that Vulcan Forged owns. GOB focuses on building a sustainable brand with a viable ecosystem.

With the high cost of entering the game system to win, GOB aims to provide gaming experiences to users in a free to win model. Web 2.0 players can join their Web 3.0 platform without the need for a wallet. While GOB’s main NFT holders have already obtained its utility token, they will benefit from access to The NFTs Other partner projects under the GOB Awards.

GOB: Metaverse trading card game

Goons of Balatroon is a metaverse with a hybrid 2D/3D interface. This is a free to win game that includes card strategy and land ownership. This is the first virtual world project sponsored by VulcanVerse and Merit Circle. The game brings to the trading card game plan imagination, innovation and humor. Users need a strategy to win in the GOB arena with more than 250 NFT cards.

The game is developed using Unity and the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to own and control the in-game NFTs necessary for the game’s functionality. The NFT gives players access to future rewards and can be traded on the NFT secondary markets. These resources include Goon characters, Goon cards, and personalization items.

The game economy is made up of five units that work together to make the economy sustainable and rewarding. These modules include stakeholders, exchange, core hub pools, input channels, and output channels. The stakeholders consist of the community and the GOB Foundation.

The core pool is filled with tokens used to support DeFi mechanisms. It includes a vault, a staking bonus set, and a game bonus set. The input channels come from paid transactions that bring value to the community, while the output channels come from the bonus pool or bet game and are shared using the respective protocols.

$GOB: GOB currency

$GOB is the original currency of the GOB world. It supports the in-game economy and serves utility purposes. Also, they serve as tokens for rewards and governance. Players can earn GOB dollars by playing or renting in-game NFTs to other players and sharing their rewards.

In addition, players can bet GOB US dollars in the betting protocol to get bonuses. The ecosystem has $ETH as another currency. Players can use both to purchase map packs, customize new maps, purchase in-game purchase add-ons, and participate in other game activities.

$GOB is built using the Ethereum blockchain with Immutable X as the layer 2 blockchain. Using immutable X helps GOB create a seamless gaming experience, as it does not support gas fees, instant exchanges, and scalability.

Goons of Balatroon is building a collectible card game on the blockchain using weird and weird cards. User engagement and empowerment passes through digital ownership and economic gain. The original project set can be found at open sea.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.

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