France’s Kaiko has acquired Kesitys to develop a quantitative analysis subsidiary

Kaiko acquires Kesitys

Kaikoa French company that provides market analysis data on cryptocurrencies, announced that Kesitys . acquiredwhich is also a French company specializing in Risk and Derivatives Management.

Backed by a quality portfolio that combines Famous Companies in the Blockchain Industry Like Messari, Chainlink, Paxos or even Ledger, Kaiko wants to become the reference source for all information and Cryptocurrency market data.

Kaiko would like to expand her areas of expertise here, in particular by creating a profile A commercial unit entirely dedicated to quantitative analysis products, A sector in which Kesitys excel.

This will be the new branch Led by the founders of Caseysand Ann Claire Morris, Menacho Ichinim, and Emmanuel Gobet. according to Amber SubiranCEO of Kaiko, the arrival of this new talent will bring a real added value to the company in terms of competitiveness in the cryptocurrency analysis market:

“Kaiko is pleased to welcome Anne-Claire, Emmanuel and Mnacho to their team. Their extensive experience building quantitative analysis products and their expertise in cryptography will be a huge asset to the company in creating a product line that caters to the growing demand from traders and portfolio managers.”

The role of this unit will be, in particular, to create a file A set of tools for traders, Be it portfolio strategy design and development, implementation and reporting (communication and data analysis).

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A French company that shines in the field of cryptocurrency

The acquisition of Kesitys comes on the heels of Kaiko’s latest fundraising, which occurred in June 2021 during a Series A funding round that had I managed to raise at least 24 million dollars. Then the latter led Underscore VC and songswhose founder Sean Park announced joining the Kaiko Board of Directors.

The French company, headquartered in Paris, aims to become ” The foundation of the new digital finance economy “, especially in” Act as the sole source of market information from centralized or decentralized markets “.

Kaiko offers its services Both institutional and corporateWhether for general information or for personalized analysis plans according to their needs, in such rich and diverse sectors as commerce, evaluation or research.

Kaiko is already working with the biggest names in the blockchain ecosystem, and it looks like Kaiko is ready to continue doing so The tricolor radiates internationally. An ad compared to the last ad for Changpeng ZhaoCEO of Binance, who mentioned The unique position that France had to become a leader in this industry expansion.

shared momentum Ann Claire Morris, CEO of Kesitys :

“As quantitative professionals, working in the crypto sector presents a very interesting challenge. Crypto assets are growing exponentially, and new types of tools and trading platforms raise many new questions in quantitative finance that we look forward to answering.”

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Source: Kaiko

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