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Confidence in marital relationships, an incursion into a mysterious village, a tumultuous return to memories of youthful love and the digital apocalypse… duty It offers you four comedy clips with various topics to discover.

Survival is a little death

About his second novel, titled goodbye sad love, Merrion Malle, a French comic book author but an adoptive Montrealer, is tactfully and sensitively interested in the topic of trust in the relationship between spouses.

What we’re dealing with here is a very simple and almost cliched story, in which Malle introduces a main character, Cléo, who is also a French comic book author who lives in Montreal. She finds herself faced with a situation from the past, which pollutes her marital relationship with Charles: it could have been a bit heavy with an ex-classmate while they were still studying. However, as is often the case, everyone seems to know what was really going to happen except for Cleo, who is just trying to understand why her instinct is telling her that it might be more dangerous than the typical case. On texting… In short, the versions don’t stick and are annoying.

This then follows an introspection that allows Cléo to leave behind her own belongings and, in the process, perhaps discover who she really is.

Thus, it is a story based on well-crafted dialogues, clear and without a desire to revolutionize the genre, all supported by a perfectly expressive design, approaching cartoons.

Brief, clear and precise with a finish that can be guessed several pages before the end.

Painful return to earth

After immersing himself in video games and illustrations, Jeik Dion is especially known for his work on the series Turbo Kidbased on the film of the same name, as well as for his collaboration with author Patrick Sincal for a particularly successful adaptation, in the comics, of his novel Alice in the year 2020.

On his first solo album, black songDion decided to stay the course and continued to sail, to our great pleasure, the dark waters of the agonizing paranormal by taking us on an unsettling journey back to Earth, in the Quebec Terrier in the late 1970s.

premise? A married couple, Dan, a comic book author, and Jenn, a writer, decide to live in a house they just inherited in order to create their wonderful business. Unfortunately for them, the village in which they fall, with its inhabitants all unmarried, is cause for fear.

Particularly inspired by the early work of Stephen King – we’re thinking here of his series of short stories called night shiftpublished precisely in 1978 – Dion manages with sufficient precision to create a painful world, without ever revealing to us what is really going on, leaving the puzzle constantly swirling, burdened with rough sketches (that’s a feature here) and nervousness, which the sloppy streak carries at will.

To read with a flashlight under the quilt.

fire and water

For the third volume of his excellent trilogy set in Melvile, a fictional village that could lie both in Estrie and in the northeastern United States, Belgian composer Romain Renard, also a musician, maintains the rhythm in this highly successful conclusion, which has nothing Enviable in the best TV series of this genre we can see on streaming platforms.

at Ruth Jacob’s story, Renard portrays a radio host who is forced to return to this village doomed to flood, after deciding to build a dam there. So he has to go and liquidate the last business of his deceased grandmother and sign some papers. It’s clearly not that simple, when he finds himself immersed in a teenage love affair that ended badly, and we soon understand that his summer sweetheart was going to die in a fire. But what really happened that summer?

The graphics are beautifully dark and the story prevents us from leaving the album, which we have to finish in one go.

slowly but surely

This is an expression that perfectly characterizes the third volume of the science fiction series software glitchIt was started by the French master of genre Enki Bilal, the first part of which was published in 2017.

We will remember it software glitch It depicts a kind of digital apocalypse, in the year 2041, when all computer systems on Earth stopped working. In parallel, there is a central character, Kameron Obb, an astronaut who finds himself infected with a mysterious alien parasite.

In this somewhat tentative episode, Bilal depicts women struggling with an international Orwellian political contest as the world tries to reorganize itself, as well as allowing himself some ironic points regarding I wake up, for example. Everyone is covered in that cold, nervous, hard-line streak that belongs especially to him. I can’t wait to see where this takes us…

Goodbye sad love

★★★ 1/2
Merrion Malle, Beau Bao, Montreal, 2022, 212 pages

black song

Jake Dion, Glint, Montreal, 2022, 96 pages

Melville, Volume Three, The Story of Ruth Jacob

★★★ 1/2
Romain Renard, Le Lombard, Brussels, 2022, 400 pages

Bug, Volume 3

Enki Bilal, Casterman, Tournai, 2022, 88 pages

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