Casino set comes into effect at Metaverse The Sandbox (SAND)

Game to win coupons at Leader Price

A few days ago, the French retail giant Crossroads She announced that she had purchased a virtual plot of land in the world of The Sandbox (SAND). today, It is the Casino Group that with great fanfare enters the metaverse with its real estate company.

If Carrefour doesn’t specify what it intends to do in the metaverse, the Casino Group has already revealed part of its ambitions.

There is no virtual store, but a game that uses codes from what we already find in The Sandbox. They will be initially reserved for members of Club Leader Price, the discounted brand of the Casino Group, who will receive ‘Golden Tickets’.

We started purchasing plots of land at the end of 2021, but we are carrying out many projects that aim to provide an experience to customers. We are in an industrial approach. The goal is to create value with these new virtual assets as we do with our real assets,” adds Nicholas Joly, CEO of Casino Immobilier, in an interview with Les Échos.

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Monoprix and Franprix can follow in the lead of Leader Price

The objective of the game developed by Casino is simple. In the plot of the metaverse The SandBox that belongs to the group, Participants will have to search for food From the Club Leader Price online store, To earn coupons or discounts to redeem them in the real world.

The company is also considering introducing bonuses in the form of Irreplaceable icons (NFTs).

This game for Club Leader Price members will be an experience for the Casino Group. If it proves successful, it should bring other big retailers into the metaverse, Such as Monoprix or Franprix.

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