Sam Raimi recalls fan reaction to Tobey Maguire’s ‘organic’ Spider-Man Web-Shooters

Spider-Man: He doesn’t come home He drew attention to the films Spider-Man Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, directed by Sam Raimi. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, spoke candidly about the human aspects of his time working on the original big screen outings of the Marvel web hero. In an oral history with Variety, Raimi and writer David Koepp mentioned fan reaction to Maguire’s version of Spider-Man that has “organic” web games.

As far as moviegoers go, no one is willing to have a say in new movies and shows more than Marvel and DC comic book readers. For this reason, there will always be complaints about changes made on the way from page to screen, and although Spider Man Received a lot of praise when it was released in 2002, one aspect of Spidey’s appearance was a real point of contention. As Raimi explained, Peter Parker’s idea of ​​web shooters didn’t go well.

“I was aware of that, and it wasn’t a good thing for me. I didn’t have a great fan experience. I don’t think the fans thought I was the right person to lead Spider-Man in general. Then the organic web shooters – when the fans found out I was going in that direction, they tried Take me out of the picture.

David Koepp added his own thoughts on the matter, acknowledging that the Internet had become a place at that time where anyone could express an opinion and expect to be heard. He said, “There was the internet culture that was just beginning to develop its capacity to be ugly. That was probably my first experience with what we have to deal with all the time now, which is the distraction of people telling you what they think a movie should be like before and during And after setting it up, and doing it publicly. I support organic web shooters as a great idea. It wasn’t even my idea.”

The original Spider-Man web-shooters came from James Cameron’s early idea

Before Sam Raimi was brought in to direct the first Spider-Man movie, James Cameron was the first to plan the movie, but it seems his vision for the movie included more about teen sex than Sony wanted in the movie. It has been described as a superhero movie suitable for all ages of comic book lovers. However, one of the things that survived Cameron’s original plans for the film was Peter’s internal web-shooter. As Koepp points out, they played a role in a metaphor that apparently led Sony to look for a different director. he don:

” [Cameron] He pushed the metaphor of adolescent sexual development too far. There’s a big moment when Peter wakes up in bed with mesh threads all over the place. It was like, Wow, I don’t know if we could make the wet dream come true, but it was so funny.

The inclusion of organic web shooters by Peter was one of the things addressed in Spider-Man: He doesn’t come home When the three Parker compared their differences to the fantastic comedic effect, it really added to the camaraderie between the trio of heroes. While he may not have initially been a welcome addition to the character in 2002, time has made him more accepted as one of the unique traits of Maguire’s Spider-Man variant.

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