Rugby Club Toulonnais (RCT) begins its shift towards Web 3.0 accompanied by!

The world of sports is more and more committed to the new uses of Web 3.0. Rugby Club Toulony (RCT) is the first French rugby club to embark on an ambitious strategy around new uses developed based on blockchain technologies. In particular Fan Codesand NFTs and metaverses. Having become the first club to win the European Rugby Cup for 3 consecutive seasons, RCT becomes the first rugby club in France and Europe to team up with the consulting firm Web3.0 to build and publish its strategy, surrounded by the biggest players in the market. Independent Consulting Firm 3.0

Door3 is the first independent consulting firm specializing in Web 3.0.

From strategic thinking to operational execution, Doors3 helps companies bring their crypto, NFT, and metaverse projects to life, highlighting their identity while integrating the specific code of Web 3.0. Doors3 specializes in the sports, entertainment, luxury and arts sectors, and is already supporting major players in these sectors. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, trained in recognized consulting firms, and well established since 2017 in the crypto, NFT and metaverse worlds, Doors3 provides its clients with its business and technology expertise and ecosystem of partners.

RCT, one of the famous rugby clubs in France and abroad

Rugby Club Toulony (RCT) is a major player in French and European rugby. Founded in 1908, RCT has achieved an impressive track record throughout its history. It is the only European club to win three consecutive European Cups, in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Rugby Club Toulonnais is also one of the clubs with the most media coverage in the rugby world. It gained particular fame thanks to the talent and charisma of world rugby stars who developed with the red and black jersey, such as Johnny Wilkinson, Tana Umaga, or Frederic Michalak. Today, RCT includes world champions Eben Etzebeth and Cheslin Kolbe in its ranks, but also French internationals such as Charles Olivon and Gabin Villiers.

Headed by Bernard Le Maitre, the Red and Black Club has great ambitions in this field for the upcoming seasons and also wishes to develop its appeal through innovative structuring and projects including the world of Web 3.0.

Strategic support for a committed club

Doors3 has been working with RCT for several months in defining its 360° Web 3.0 strategy. Acculturing all the teams in this new world and thinking about the experiences offered to rouge & noir fans to engage them and make them live exclusive experiences is at the core of the company’s support.

At a time when the ecosystem of NFTs and crypto assets is booming, the decision has been made to turn to the leading players that will allow the club to position itself alongside the biggest sports brands that are beginning to invest in these new areas. Digital innovation.

It is very important to stress that RCT wanted to engage in thinking on Web3.0 which is part of its overall strategy for digital innovation. In this context, Doors3 offers the club insight and understanding of these new ecosystems that bring value to the club and current and future fans.

Although Web 3.0 is a way to strengthen the club’s digital strategy, RCT does not forget about the moments you live on the field and everything that makes the life of an authentic club.

François Bisenti, CEO of RCT : “Clinging to its strong identity and local roots, RCT is entering a crucial stage in its development, which will make it possible to strengthen its identity through the digital world and thus attract new generations around the values ​​of rugby. We are pleased to work with Doors3 and to be given the opportunity to be among the first clubs to launch such ambitious initiatives.“.

Karen Goff, CEO and Co-Founder of Doors3 : “We are pleased to support RCT since January 2022 on their strategic thinking in the world of Web 3.0. This is not only an opportunity to innovate and fully enter into this new ecosystem, but also to offer new experiences in the service of fan engagement. Originally from Toulon, with a special facility, I am accompanying the RCT teams to implement these projects that will be officially announced on May 11th during World Sports Week in the presence of key ecosystem partners. Strong in the values ​​cherished by it and the enthusiasm of its supporters, RCT will thus become the first rugby club to implement such an ambitious strategy, surrounded by the largest players in the market.. »

Rugby: New El Dorado for Web 3.0 players?

After football, giants like Binance, or Socios had a huge impact. Remember, Socios recently signed a contract with Lionel Messi. After F1, which has almost one coding sponsor per team, or even the NBA in the USA, Web 3.0 has reached the big rugby family through RCT, a creative club in the south of France willing to position itself well at the forefront of innovation to support great sporting results on the playing field.

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