Metaverse Project Avoids Web3 Fenzy to Redefine the Digital Three-A Landscape

Web3 projects are making waves in today’s digital landscape, with thousands of new companies popping up every day trying to ride this global wave with their own product versions. Unfortunately, the fact has shown that most of these offers don’t offer any tangible value to players or user bases. Instead, they rely on the superficial hype of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and related buzzwords, a seemingly unholy way of tracking user growth. At present, these efforts lead to short-term successes rather than sustainable growth.

To ensure projects are built on a foundation that delivers long-term value, startups are encouraged to learn from the events that led to the bursting of the internet bubble. In this example, the projects that survived the crash did not rely on industrial noise. Instead, the projects that have emerged are those that have taken a product-focused approach to extract naturally increased value from it, whether through experience improvement, community development, or the creation of other player-made stories.

Leading this series of projects is Crypto Verse, a startup in the metaverse gaming market that relies on the Triple-A concept to put project value ahead of its blockchain foundation. The game aims to be a multiplayer adventure on a global scale, making use of blockchain technology to enable the natural scaling of online video games, integrating concepts of global player bases and endless streams of online content.

Therefore, even as the bubble bursts, the project should offer a high-quality MMO, which, historical evidence suggests, will continue to increase the ownership of player bases. Keep in mind that in the case of a popular online experience, there will always be a large number of users willing and willing to buy the most unique assets in the game.

Provide a triple experience

Digging deeper into the product itself, Cryptogende Verse exists as a first- and third-person online shooter, and it includes both classic and multiplayer mode that players can access in three stages. The first is a polished 3D online game consisting of deathmatch and a 5v5 competitive mode. Not far from the second stage, which will offer players a Battle Royale mode, co-op experiences, survival and challenge modes. These builds will culminate in a final stage that provides a complete metaverse experience.

Operating with a product-focused approach, Cryptagende leverages several industry-changing tools, including the Unreal Engine 5, which consists of Nanite technology, the real-time scanning capabilities of Quixel Megascan, and dynamic Lumen lighting. Together, these features enable projects to deliver an outstanding level of detail, fidelity, and performance to players.

However, these next-generation visuals are just the outer shell of the model itself. Cryptagende is based in its design on a complex virtual world, with many online modes, weapons, characters, quests and vehicles to create value. Any additional value will then be derived from the resulting community, as evidenced by project consistency and relevance to the experiences themselves. The goal is for the community to grow to take on a family atmosphere, later becoming a welcoming place to escape from the dangers of the real world.

Comparisons can be made to online fan-favorite games like Overwatch and Dota, as the passive player base develops a taste and desire to purchase in-game items. In this case, price and demand are organic and not driven by external manipulation or symbolic hype.

More information from Cryptogende here

According to this model, Cryptagende suggests that any online game can become more than a time killer if managed properly. Using their efforts as an example, the Cryptagende team demonstrates the future of gaming potential in its position as protectors for participants, leaving all other decisions to the players themselves.

Product focused approach

With a solid foundation, as explained above, Crytagende is well positioned to provide one of the most open, secure and challenging markets for players in the industry.

As part of the project’s goals for the second quarter of 2022, the official roadmap indicates a pre-sale of NFT, a promotional video for the art, and closing private funding rounds. These releases should trigger the early access launch of the Cryptogen Verse as part of a bigger and braver new metaworld.

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