Learn to write for the web in community management

web writing It is an SEO related lever; It’s all about optimizing content for search engines and especially Google. Google Optimized Copywriting is growing in popularity among businesses, which makes it possible gain vision Above all, it appears in the midst of increasingly intense competition.

if it was community management It is mainly based on social networks, which corresponds to social media traffic from analytics point of view, writing on the web is mainly based on organic traffic. These are 2 Web traffic sources Different that complement each other, so no one goes without the other.

Companies are integrating it, and here the question arises between community management and write for web. Should we prefer one over the other, or should we aim to create community manager profiles who will be web writing experts?

We’ll see how to integrate this rope into Community manager skills ?

Put yourself on the Internet in writing in community management

if it was Community Manager Not a web editor at the base, it is undeniable that it takes a real file Writing mastery. At least have a talent for writing and, in the best case, a journalistic and/or literary course is ideal. At this point we are only talking about writing and not yet about writing for the web!

Suspension : I’ve noticed that in some web writing/SEO courses over short periods of a few days, many people think they will learn to write. Write in the sense of writing as a journalist or writer.

Abroad, it’s not about learning to write, it’s about improving writing or writing, for the web. This is a big nuance that needs to be refocused, because this point is what we learn in school in outline. It can also be a gift and a passion for writing.

this is the reason You have to know how to write Then he repositions his writing for the web. This is a point that I thought was important to make. Beyond that, of course, we mention Content StructureThe title and all aspects associated with SEO About search engine optimization.

Moreover, writing is an author’s own identity, through which we find a style, experience, a way of transcribing knowledge, emotions, etc. These are hard-to-learn points because they identify the author and not an editorial framework.

so for Put yourself on writing web in community managementso knowing how to write comes first, and the rest is to bring that writing to the web by incorporating the finer details of SEO.

Optimizing your content for the web

The most important is Learn how to organize content But also to see the main performance Google search engine algorithms. This is what you must learn first and gradually become interested in the technology, code, and recommendations to make a site that supports SEO.

Optimizing your content for the web

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a world that can seem complicated, because it is so vague, uncertain, and highly variable. Let’s not forget that it is a function and that here we are only drawing the aspect of improvement, in order to make it a strength of the community manager.

Above all, it is not about distorting the content when talking about optimization, it is about using the richness of vocabulary; Semantics and lexical field take precedence!

Google is not human, and as such, you need to help it better understand the topic of your article. If you don’t direct your writing, it will be difficult for Google to interpret it.

So you should focus on your topic and submit as many items to Google as possible so that they can know what you are talking about. So we’re not talking about text distortion but about giving your readers interesting pointers while allowing Google to better index your content.

Semantics and Vocabulary in Web Writing

It will then be necessary to pay attention to semantics and The lexical field of its keywords. Keywords are directly related to the topic we are seeking to raise. This is why it’s a good idea to start a script by defining what you’re highlighting, when possible and feasible.

If you’re talking about community management, then it’s a question of defining it before starting the topic. Defining the term is the best way to use the lexical field for the keyword. For community management, this means talking about social networks, community, engagement, content, etc.

Semantics and Vocabulary in Web Writing

To help you Improved writing on a topic, select the word list attached to the lexical field for your main keyword. These words will then be introduced into your content. This is where you will practice writing by providing important information to Google.

For the reader, it is completely transparent, because for many years there was no question of placing the same keyword dozens of times in the text. In this case, it would be really indigestible to the reader and would look completely distorted.

Here we learn Enrich your textsTo diversify his writing and vocabulary, it is useful even to a writer who learns little by little in spite of everything he writes by enriching its contents. It is learning that allows you to learn new words and terms and give relevance to the topic without being redundant.

The Magical SEO Tool!

in between Search Engine Optimization Tools There is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to mix up a lexical field and see how Google interprets your content. It can be used before it is published online or after it is published, knowing that it can always be improved afterwards.

This tool is 1. fr ! An online tool that can sometimes change everything in web writing.

Test it for free to get an idea.

The wealth of content

In the end, this will result in natural writing, as the SEO tool can complement the optimization and cosmetics of the content to stand out from the competition. Some manage to write perfectly in this way due to the richness of their written vocabulary. Hence this term natural reference makes sense.

Web Friendly Content Structure in WordPress

WordPress is a file Content Manager It is most commonly used for creating websites, so it is important to know how it works in terms of its editorial interface. The content manager offers many options for optimizing and properly indexing the article for the web. Learn different terms such as Hn . beaconsThe Backlinks and the Intranet especially.

Instead of rewriting everything here, here’s the article (below) that discusses all of its points in the form of a checklist. This is the reference article you will need to accompany you in writing so that you don’t forget anything. Eventually you won’t need to consult it, and it will become automatic.

SEO Checklist for WordPress Articles

Here is the complete checklist for creating a file Web-optimized article under WordPress :

WordPress Seo Checklist


Writing on the web requires above all the desire to write in the broad sense of the term! Hence the technology and knowledge that will be gained over time that will make the difference. For a community manager, it’s a safe bet that it will become a skill to integrate, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that a salary is renegotiated up to that skill.

Web writing is not a lever gained in CM, it requires constant experience and learning because SEO is never acquired. You should be interested in it and constantly update yourself to master your writing.

Also keep in mind that this leverage can make a definite difference in hiring if you have it! And don’t forget to trade your skills.

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