Florent Bagni disturbs the web, talks about the last moments of his life!

During an interview, Florent Bagni revealed his desire to leave. These words shocked the web, and it’s a rough time for his fans.

All Florent Pagny concerts have been canceled due to his illness. It is a complete disappointment for his fans. But what worried them the most was the artist’s health condition. It turned out that his cancer was inoperable.

I’ve just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, which is an unbearable cancerous tumor that cannot be operated on, as he admitted in this thread.

Florent Bagni at The Voice

Despite his notes, Azucena Caamaño’s husband made a strong showing on TF1’s TV hook a few days later. Florent Bagni in no way wanted to give up his duties as a coach on the show. He wanted to go on with his life normally, even if he was sick.

The Voice production details

At the moment, Florent Bagni continues his role in the show. In the face of audience concern about never seeing him again in the live broadcast, The Voice productions provided an update, saying:

With TF1, our priority is Florent’s health. The entire family of The Voice stands with him in this ordeal. We will arrange for a photo shoot with him and communicate in due course.

For his part, the father of the family, Florent Bagni, revealed that he may not be able to participate in the live rewards.

In May, I do not know. I have six months of chemotherapy, so I will finish in May. I don’t know how I will be at the end of the six months. So far, the first [chimiothérapie] It goes well, but hey, anything can happen too. Perhaps in May I will be flawless, and perhaps in May I will be tired. We will organize ourselves,” he said on the TF1 newspaper website at 8 pm.

He will be replaced by Patrick Fury

If Florent Bagni misses the set, it will be Patrick Fury who will replace him, Public Magazine revealed. Currently, the man with lung cancer is still present.

It will be on The Voice set on May 14, 2022 in the semi-finals of the show. For this semi-final, coaches Emile Bennett, Marc Lavoine, Viany and Florent Bagni will discover 10 talents, still in competition, who will sing live.

As for Nolwenn Leroy, she will be back and will play a decisive role in the semi-finals as confirmed by the TF1 team.

Florent Bagni ready to die?

Between his chemotherapy sessions and his role as a coach on The Voice, Florent Bagni’s schedule was rather busy. Not to mention that he is fighting a huge battle against his illness. And despite this fierce battle, the coach still had an idea of ​​his death.

In fact, singer Florent Bagni released the song After Us in 2019, a title in which he talks about his death without ban.

We can say that he died a beautiful death. And he inevitably went too early. We can read that it is a great loss. But it won’t make the headlines. He was alive in his prime. There isn’t even a day to honor him, we can hear at the beginning of the song.

Then France Bleu asked him about the lyrics of this song, and he confessed:

I don’t really think about that. It’s the only certainty we can have, so let’s try to make it as beautiful as possible. My only imagination is to live to old age, without getting sick, and to die with a smile on my face?

Florent Bagni

To be burned at the stake! For where I live, they will not bury me: I will go in smoke and it will look like me!

What is reassuring about this story is that the size of Florent Bagnay’s tumor has changed. Good news that will undoubtedly reassure those around him.

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