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Tallinn, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The highly anticipated blockchain game based on Cardano Cardalonia It announced a token sale of its utilitarian token LONIA with over 15% sold in a few days.

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Cardalonia: Strategy metaverses play-to-earn strategy that it is built on Gimbal It continues to make great strides towards developing a blockchain-based gaming platform focused on creators.

The Estonia-based metaverse startup will be the first unique blockchain-based strategic metaverse game that will use Cardano Blockchain and Unreal Engine to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem with Cardalonia metaverse assets represented by Cardano NFT and Cardano Native Tokens.

LONIA is the main utility token for the Cardalonia metaverse, and players and creators will use it to buy and sell assets on Cardalonia, offering rewards to creators and LAND holders.

With its unique properties and sustainable utility token economy, the Cardalonia project will increase interest in the Cardano blockchain.

Cardalonia will have innovative features such as staking and governance and LONIA holders will have access to exclusive events such as Terrania Presale (Cardalonia Land) and Clan Drops which will address many of the issues we currently see in the traditional gaming industry, where users can mine resources and sell them for cryptocurrencies in the Cardalonia marketplace .

Cardalonia properties

Users can acquire Terrania (Cardalonia Land) plots

Users can level up their clan members to create (create) new clans

Create and trade assets in Cardalonia Market

Earn Lonia Tokens for every resource that is mined

LONIA seeds for sale

The LONIA token is the utility token at the heart of the Cardalonia ecosystem, whereby LONIA holders will automatically be whitelisted for the LAND pre-sale that will occur after the sale rounds.

The Cardalonia team announced LONIA Avatar Seeds Sale More than 15% of the target amount has been collected within a few days.

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development roadmap

Cardalonia’s assets in Game NFT are already under development and the team has managed to create a sustainable utility concept that will be released in the coming weeks.

Cardalonia’s map and market are also actively developed.

Cardalonia game launch

An alpha version of the Cardalonia P2E game will be available to investors and first landowners in the first quarter of 2023.

Cardalonia LAND owners can earn clan NFTs by completing challenges that will give them the chance to experience the Cardalonia metaverse and they can also share a Cardalonia token, LONIA, on their vault.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia Metaverse is a fun and engaging virtual world where users can get 3D NFT virtual avatars, land and participate in events to earn rewards. Furthermore, the project has strong tokens, high-quality NFTs, a dedicated marketplace for trading, and a defined roadmap with a global team that is constantly improving the platform.


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