A message for teachers | If we really love our children

Dear teachers,

Posted at 11:00 a.m.

Simon Pucci Whitton

Simon Pucci Whitton
A citizen, a father and a teacher answered the call of scarcity

For the past three years, I’ve joined your team by responding to shortages. It was a mistake unfortunately!

When I read your comments and see reactions to comments like the one sent by Gregory Charles, I find it hard to understand your frustration.

You know, education belongs to everyone. It is a social project. Every citizen has the right to have ideas. I don’t care if a person’s thoughts are good or bad. The important thing is that there is discussion and debate.

I am not a nurse. On the other hand, I have a right to my opinion and find that the health system is not optimal, is it? Because I don’t pay while visiting the emergency room, am I not allowed to point out inconsistencies in the system?

Health belongs to everyone, public works belong to everyone and so does education. Yes, you have the right and it is your right. It is the beginning of something called citizen action.

Why rebel when someone gives ideas and it doesn’t come from the middle? To think outside the box, it often requires someone who comes outside the box. Hanna Arendt was not a teacher, but she was one of the greats who came forward with criticism and ideas.

We are already the most important players in the system. Shall we act in this direction? no ! Dear comrades, in order to bring about real change we just have to stop keeping the system alive at the end of our arms. The agony is slow and painful, and we are all responsible for a large part of it. In the name of whom do we keep this bureaucratic system full of absurdity under a ventilator? In the name of the children, of course, but what about who will be in our schools after twenty years? After a hundred years? Imagine the conditions of the schools, services and our weapons if nothing is done.

We teach mutual assistance, solidarity and openness to the world which is the opposite of what I see on the ground. Is there really mutual help and solidarity, when we see how many departures are at the beginning of the Young Teachers’ Walk and that the situation is getting worse? To ask a question is to answer it.

Everyone does what they do with their own professional independence and I’ve rarely seen a teacher work their real hours, it’s hard to earn anyone’s respect in this situation. By doing more we falsify the real needs and then a lot more falls into the fight, in the long run, it unfortunately does not help the system and the students. When it comes time to assess the needs, it seems that everything is not so bad, but this is not the case. Driven by love and profession, we ensure that working conditions and the reputation of the profession deteriorate at lightning speed. Mutual assistance and solidarity, not really.

We have the real power and we are always trying to figure out why no one is listening to us. who cares?

In love, in small everyday gestures we see the depth of feelings, I think this thought can be applied to discontent with the school system and stop compensating and adding weight to the system.

Is there an open mind? Probably not, because an outsider offers possible solutions (good or bad) in addition to his opinion and we close ourselves up like oysters by saying loud and clear: Who thinks he is and why doesn’t a teacher ask? Some might say to be a role model. I have done many jobs before joining you, I know I have not seen anywhere else employees who accept everything as we do. Before we ask for the respect of others, we must begin with respecting ourselves. We deserve it, and so do the kids.

Before thinking about changing things up in education and criticizing people who offer possible solutions (good or bad), we must ask ourselves what role the state plays in educational chaos. The real culprit is not Gregory Charles or Professor Turnsol working 10 hours overtime without being paid, it must be pointed out to the one who is gagging us without much resistance. In the past 60 years, about 30 education ministers have come and gone to undo what the other has just done. And an average of two years at the helm is not serious, dear elected officials. Do you know the legend of Sisyphus of Camus?

We are all on the same team, currently everyone is shooting their side and the student is the one who ends up with no cover.

The duty of loyalty to one’s children is what it should and should be, period! If we really love our children?

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