5 sites to watch football online

With over 3 billion fans, football remains the most popular sport in the world. Football matches for some are a cult and a date that should not be missed under any circumstances. But in the face of TV broadcasting restrictions, many people are now choosing to watch their favorite matches online. Here are 5 sites that let you watch football matches for free.

1st Row: Favorite Sports Live Streaming Site

Front Row is a reputable sports streaming site. It has a loyal user base and a large selection of live matches ranging from basketball to cricket. As for football, Firstrow covers almost all the tournaments and friendlies currently taking place in Europe, America and Latin America. The site also offers a high-quality streaming service to display every match in high definition and low latency. The application is quickly deployed on a Windows PC.

Does first grade pay? no. It is absolutely free regardless of the type of encounter or image quality. You can spend your day there without having to worry about any subscription. Users sometimes complain that it is somewhat difficult to access, the cause of which is still unknown. But perfection is not of this world.

2- Rojadirecta: Live broadcast of Spanish football

Undoubtedly, it is the best website to watch live football and not any other. Rojadirecta offers a tidy set of live broadcasts, without the posters of secondary importance such as second division matches or those between two unknown teams. On the other hand, there are all the long-awaited encounters. And not to offend any fan, Rojadirecta offers the possibility to choose the one you want to watch from among their simultaneous broadcasts.

Rojadirecta is also an international website where all fans are welcome. You can follow the meetings in several languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, etc. Be warned, it’s not just football. It also broadcasts baseball, hockey and tennis competitions.

3- English Premier League Live: The free site

PL Live emerges as Europe’s #1 multisport live broadcast. The same platform combines athletics competitions with indoor or outdoor games that are held on the Old Continent, as well as in North America. You’ve come to the right place to follow Wimbledon matches, watch the Champions League or bet on the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

The website is designed to provide maximum user experience. It is equipped with a powerful content management tool that allows you to customize the stickers to your liking.

If the Premier League Live receives its letter of arms, it is particularly due to the Premier League matches. All matches are broadcast live and in full, from August to May. It’s a real godsend for sports fans who can’t afford a subscription.

Like most of the free sites listed here, PL Live may be blocked in certain regions. In this case, a VPN is the answer. You can use a VPN for PC to bypass this ban. In addition, a VPN for Windows or Mac will save you a lot of trouble like security issues on free websites which are very real.

4- Mubadro : Application to watch live football anywhere

Mobdro is one of the best live streaming apps ever created for mobile devices. It offers free channel packages that allow you to watch hundreds of sports competitions without restrictions. Added to this is the live broadcast that works perfectly, without errors or response times. In terms of quality, Mobdro far outperforms the best football streaming websites from a few years ago. We only regret the lack of high definition content. But this made it more practical for mid-range or entry-level devices. Mobdro, available on Android and iOS, is the mobile app that allows you to watch live sports wherever you are.

5- Formula 1 Live Stream: High Speed ​​Sports Live

Stream Formula 1 Live is a website that is known for the quality of its broadcasts. It offers a selection of sports matches and competitions, updated every 2 seconds. Super Bowl, World Baseball Championship, NBA, Rugby World Cup, Stanley Cup, all the most prestigious sporting events are out there.

It is also a multilingual website and has fans all over the world. If you miss your favorite match, Stream Formula 1 Live lets you relive it in full with replays. For those watching their match from a computer, accessing the stickers is still easy thanks to a Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the web store. This also avoids links to watch a free live match that can redirect to a fake site.

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