KlapCoin: Web 3.0 as a funding engine for audiovisual creativity

French cinema has until then been relatively far from the Web 3.0 revolution. However, the major players decided to change things up and revolutionize audiovisual finance with a new product, KlapCoin.

Project vision

The cinematic offer is increasingly rich, but increasingly concentrated. Giants, often Americans, have enormous funding power and therefore can offer viewers a variety of options. Indeed, 70% of successful films in 2021 were American, compared to only 30% of French films. The diversity of French cinema, DCF, wants to see more French films appear on top of the podium.

The goal of this project is to give creators the means to express themselves while meeting audience expectations. To this end, several points should be highlighted:

  • Choose the projects that will become the successes of tomorrow;
  • Helping new talent to express themselves by financing the development of their business;
  • public involvement in incubator projects;
  • Make the viewer a representative of tomorrow’s audiovisual world;
  • support diversity;
  • To provide profitable products that meet the expectations of spectators who become investors and the audio-visual industry.

The inception of the project dates back to October 2021, when producer Sarah Lellouche (daughter of Claude Lelouch), Joel Giroud, and also producer, Sabine Teller and Fabian Berger created La Diversité du Cinéma français. After discussion with professionals in this field, they came to three conclusions:

  1. The first stage of audiovisual creativity, development, is underfunded despite its importance to the success of projects. Its share of the budget is the smallest ever (3 to 5%) and is declining sharply (16% from 2010 to 2019).

2. Conventional private finance (SOFICA and OPCVM) has reached its limits.

3. We need an innovative alternative financing method.

KlapCoin ICO

After establishing a partnership with Exaion, a subsidiary of EDF, an environmentally responsible provider of Web3 infrastructure and solutions, DCF decided to raise funds intelligently by issuing cryptocurrency, which is easier and more democratic than other investment methods.

The first ICO was named “Brothers Lights” in honor of the inventors of the big screen. The first fundraising campaign is dedicated to the development of the French audiovisual business and aims to raise 8 million euros between 28 April at 1 pm and 9 June. Understand all about how an ICO works here.

It is possible to invest from 1 euro, because the group also aims to give access to the investment to as many people as possible. In addition, it will be possible to invest in an ICO by paying by credit card, cryptocurrency and transfer.

There are 6 different categories of investors:

1. Folding seat: from 1 euro, to participate in the community vote for the selection of films;

2. Young Talent armchair: from 500 euros, with various lotteries for advantages such as giveaways or NFTs;

3. An armchair for the festival: from 5,000 euros, with two additional lotteries to meet the actors or take part in a filming day;

4. Screenwriter’s chair: from €15,000, with NFT signed by the author and mentioned in the credits;

5. Actor’s chair: from €25,000, with one-day backstage access.

6. Armchair for producers: from 250,000 euros, with the possibility to preview the complete guide to films.

Of course, each category benefits from the advantages of the previous categories. This ICO represents approximately 10% of the total one-year funding allocated to film and series development.

Two Characteristics of the KlapCoin Project

DCF is developing two local projects, both of which are based on the Tezos blockchain. as it seems from paper : ” Tezos provides an inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution while controlling your carbon footprint. Ensures traceability and security of operations. »

KlapCoin, A stablecoin The equivalent of 0.1 euro. This allows you to invest without risking exposure to market trends and allows for clearer project financing.

LUX, symbol of judgment. Allows access to associated rights and allows the investor to dive behind the scenes of the cinema (access preview, name in credits, participate in shooting day, be extra, receive movie poster in NFT), participate in community voices (guiding project leaders towards films/series that the community wants to see ), and participate in platform developments.

There will also be a program mask To reward people who believe in the project.

NFT Contracts

Finally, we will talk about the legal aspect as shown inWorking paper: “Tezos ensures, through modified smart contracts, the creation of La DCF’s ‘NFT CONTRACTS’ that brings together all the elements related to developments (legal and technical). »

In fact, there is a diversification of risks that is particularly interesting to investors. Since you are not investing in a single NFT, you are investing in an NFT that represents “Poolof the film” which is backed by an experienced committee that has already generated over a billion in profits through its films. Among the members of the committee are Julie Gayet, Kev Adams, Fred Moses, Jean David Blanc and Viansu. In addition, we note that Famous director Claude Lelouch is the sponsor of the project.

“NFT Contract” is a digital copyright representation of a developer’s work. When contracted with the scriptwriter, the entire contract and rights will be “NFTized. Then, when it is sold to platforms/producers, the NFT will be sold. The NFT will therefore represent the relevant copyrights. The idea is to enrich it at every stage of development and production with “documentation” All stakeholders and the rights associated with them.

The project wants to move forward by registering all rights on the blockchain to allow investors to benefit from the DAO during every “transaction.”

KlapCoin لجنة Committee

As you understand, the project is very ambitious! We can only commend this use of blockchain technology for the noble purposes associated with our beautiful French film industry and the financing of young artists. Feel free to consult their sites for more information.

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