Herault: 1,553 Ukrainian refugees have been taken in, 147 children are already in school

Montpellier stands in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees (© Montpellier.fr)

The system of reception of displaced Ukrainians and the mobilization of all actors of the territory in Herault is coordinated by the state and county departments, the Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity.

in this time, 1553 people From Ukraine it is included in the Hérault, and it is welcomed in the province, including 984 adults and 569 minors. There are 147 children in the school right now in Herault. The past few days have been marked by a slowdown in the flow of arrivals.

Activation of the emergency reception centers in Montpellier (Olympic hall on rue Jacques-Cartier, near tram line 1 – Europe Square) and Beziers (Palais des Congrès, 29 avenue Saint-Saens) constitutes an initial reception and orientation space for new arrivals: reception and accommodation in emergency short-term (24 to 48 hours) by the Red Cross Herault and the city of Béziers, medical and social assessment, examination of individual situations and orientation towards accommodation The mediation and the delivery of summonses to submit the application for temporary protection by the governorate (on site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Intermediate accommodation (the so-called second level) provided to displaced Ukrainians is distributed throughout the territory as follows: Group accommodation: CCAS EDF du cap dagd Accommodates 191 people in huts (Association La Croix Rouge with state mandate). 165 people were welcomed at the IGESA camping site in Frontenian La Pered In mobile homes (Coallia Corporation commissioned by the state).

The displaced Ukrainians will be able to stay there for a few weeks, in order to stabilize their situation, before being directed to permanent residence solutions. Whole houses are provided by local authorities and legal persons: Accommodates 209 people In this area.

Residents’ residence…

Support in long-term accommodations, known as Level 3, is provided by governor-appointed associations throughout the department. Each association is responsible for verifying the offered housing, agreeing with individuals or legal persons and escorting the displaced. in this time, 87 people benefit from citizen housing.

… and in private homes

Under the supervision of the Singa Society and Forum Réfugiés, accommodation with individuals is organized on the lands of Montpellier and Lunil by Adages, on the lands of Sète and the Thau basin by SOS Solidarités, on the lands of Clermont-l’Hérault by Trait d’unions, but also in the territory of Béziere by E. Claparède.

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Integration of displaced Ukrainians

In order to facilitate the professional integration of people from Ukraine, an online questionnaire (https://deplacesukrainiens.pole-emploi.fr/) allows Ukrainian citizens wishing to engage in a professional activity to register at the Employment Center.

Practice : Useful and official information sites: http://www.herault.gouv.fr
→ Everything you need to know about reception arrangements in Herault: administrative procedures with the Prefecture (temporary protection); Job ; banking information; Pets ; aid and donations; Women’s rights – health. https://sponsorship.refugees.info/
w Information on the rights and reception of displaced persons; Tips for doing solidarity actions. www.interieur.gouv.fr
→ Status and rights of persons coming from Ukraine. www.diplomatie.gouv.fr Addresses Emergency Humanitarian Action > Competition Fund) → for companies wishing to help Ukraine financially.

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