Helen is caught by the police, she is obsessive (summarized in advance of Episode 885)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” Trailer with Full and Detailed Synopsis of Episode 885 for Monday May 9, 2022In your daily series, Alex rejects Gaëlle while Helen is convinced that Claire has feelings for her. For her part, Margot follows Kristof.


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The detailed summary of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil is also available online. An enjoyable read.


Un Si Grand Soleil: Advance Summary for Episode 885 on Monday May 9, 2022

Jolie confides in Alex that she hasn’t been able to spend quality time with her girlfriends, due to the distance between them recently. They no longer see each other, and they no longer talk to each other. Alex feels sorry and admits he hasn’t been around for some time due to an important task that he is monopolizing. Alex ends up revealing to Julie that it is an intrusion mission and that Gayle is the intruder. He does not hide from her that he was touched when he saw his ex-fiancée again. Alex explains to Julie that it’s not easy for him to know she’s in danger, even if it’s an old date. Julie thinks that Gayle still has feelings for Alex, which is why she asks him to be her contact. Alex assures Jolie that he has no feelings for his ex-fiancée and tells her that she is the only one he loves.

The investigation into the network of counterfeiters is progressing thanks to photos taken by Alex. Police identified JC as Jean-Christophe Gide, the mastermind of the operation. He has previously been cited several times in cases of forgery, use of forgery and association of criminals. He’s known Pauline for years because she made her first moves with him. The police have no doubt that he financed the escape of the fugitive.

Gaëlle takes Elvira outside and seizes the opportunity to join Alex who is still hiding in his watch truck. She gave him a fake 50 euro banknote that she was able to get and told him the transaction would take place the next day. Gail admits to Alex that it is difficult to deceive her in front of others, because she is terrified. She is sure that they will get rid of them once the fakes are delivered. Alex tries to reassure her. He assures her that they will arrive in time and then, from now on, he is there, protecting her. Gayle approaches him to kiss him, but Alex gently pushes her away. True, they kissed the last time, but she was under pressure. Alex explains to Gaëlle that he loves his girlfriend. After her tears dried, Gaëlle returned to the warehouse.

Margot makes a disturbing discovery

Margot asks Joanna about her relationship with Christophe Lemore, and he asks her why they broke up. The beautiful lawyer does not go into details. She trusts Margot that their relationship has become so toxic and almost ended badly. They loved each other for ten years, but their love soured when she cheated on him and he underwent heart surgery. Joanna then tries to reassure Margot, whose sister, Judge Alphand, is Kristoff’s new companion. She explains that every relationship is different. But Margot is still suspicious and after being allowed to leave her job earlier, follows Kristoff. Surprised, she discovers that he is spending his free time with a teenager named Achilles.

Helen has been arrested

Helen waits desperately for Claire when she receives a visit from Lieutenant Cross. Seeing the policeman, the nurse panics and immediately imagines that something serious has happened to Claire, but Yan reassures her, her friend is fine. Yan then asked Helen to follow him. At the police station, Helen learns from Elise that Claire has filed a complaint against her. Claire accuses him of poisoning and kidnapping her. At first, Helen laughs and finds all of this ridiculous. They are friends and work together. “Why did you kidnap her? asked Elise. The police ignore her, but one thing is for sure, Claire was drugged. His analyzes were done the day before to confirm this. Elise points out to Helen that she was the only person with Claire at the time of the events. Helen explains to Elise that this is a misunderstanding. It treats people and does not drug them.Helen believes there is an explanation for Claire’s accusations.

Elise told Helen that with that they would have to search her home and workplace. Then she advised him to hire a lawyer, but Helen believes that she does not need a lawyer. At the hospital, Elise and Jan searched Helen’s locker in the presence of the nurse and Janet Lewis. Helen lies to Janet and pretends she doesn’t know what’s going on. She is self-confident, but the police discover GHB in her wardrobe. Janet explains to them that GHB can be given to some patients to treat sleep disorders. Little did she know that Hélène kept this product in her wardrobe, especially since this product is strictly prohibited. Janet tells the police that the vial is not from the hospital’s stock.

A confrontation was arranged between Helen and Claire, who did not consider it useful to hire a lawyer. Helen admits she administered GHB to Claire and she justifies herself. Claire’s couple was bad and she couldn’t sleep. Claire intervenes and denies it completely. She called Florent back and was getting ready to go home. She accuses Helen of drugging her so she can’t leave. But Helen is in denial. She claims that Claire asked her to take her, because she could not bear to live with Florent anymore. Claire confirms that all this is not true and tells the truth. They were mates and communicated well, and since things were not going well with her companion, Helen offered to put her down for a few days.

But Helen lost all sense of reality. She is convinced that Claire has been sending her signals for months. It was clear to her that Claire loved her because she was looking at her the whole time and putting on her favorite perfume. So when Claire asked her to come live with her, Helen thought her friend had understood that they were meant to be together. Claire hallucinating. Elise tries to make Hélène understand that you don’t drug someone without them knowing just because they feel bad, especially when they’re a friend. But Helen claims that she drugged Claire to help her, quite the opposite. Claire loses her temper because she was almost raped because of her, but Helen sees herself as the one who saved her. Claire doesn’t know what to say. Feel like crazy. Helen repeated many times that it is not a good idea to say such a thing.

Un Si Grand Soleil: Summaries and spoilers ahead

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