Cyril Hanouna’s sudden confession about his private life…

Cyril Hanouna separated from the mother of his children

In 2019, it was announced in the media that Cyril Hanouna is no longer with his partner Emily. In the demo, the host does not handle the problem. Who likes to laugh a lot about Benjamin Castaldi’s marriage (and divorce) or the love life of Matthew Delormo not mentioning his breakup live on TV. It is the host, after all, who is in charge.

But does Cyril Hanoun have any tales since 2019? A persistent rumor spread all over social media. After circulating a picture of a dinner between Cyril Hanouna and writer Kelly Vidovili on the InternetNewspaper articles multiplied to evoke this potential romantic relationship.

However, in Touche pas à mon poste, the topic is not mentioned, while columnists are used to responding to rumors about them, or information about the show causing a stir on Twitter. But nothing. Cyril Hanouna does not deny and is waiting for the rumors to subside on their own. It is a misunderstanding of the viewers trying to catch the glances between the two alleged lovers.

Cyril Hanouna wants to remain single

At the end of 2021, he trusts his personal situation. Those interested note, if you want to get a chance with the millionaire animator, you’ll have to wait a little longer: ” Out of respect for the people who were with me, I remained celibate for at least two years. (…) “I’m telling you, I’m not interested in that. I’m at work. Work, work, work… out of respect for the people who were with me, at the moment really.”

Recently, as new writer Hugo Manos (companion to animator Laurent Roquier) explains that he saw over the weekend a friend named Margo, Cyril Hanoune remembers that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment: So pretty but I said I’ve been single for two years“. But since his relationship with Emily ended in 2019, that suggests he’s seen other people since then. Maybe it ended up between him and Kelly Vidophile? Or he may have seen other people forget his breakup. It’s hard to tell. Anyway, his love status now is very clear to everyone.

Cyril Hanouna is a controversial film producer

If he is known for his role as host on Touche pas à mon poste, Balance your post or even Face à Baba, Cyril Hanoun is also a columnist. For television, but also for cinema. Indeed, he has produced a French comedy titled Les Segpas, directed by Ali and Hakim Boukorba. This is a movie based on a web series that has had some success. But here, as soon as the trailer aired, controversy erupted on the networks.

Some teachers (who teach in particular in segpas classes) lament that comics prefer cliches about these students in Adaptation of the Department of General and Vocational Education. The latter suffers from clichés in their department and this movie is not likely to fix things as it highlights a gallery of inappropriate characters, who don’t blow stereotypes, but simply display them. And if the spectators have scheduled the first sessions on Wednesday, critics are not very kind to the feature film.

Télérama also sums up the concerns raised by teachers a few months ago: ” without surprise The feature film co-produced by Cyril Hanoun that has just been shown in theaters is horribly stupid. Students who have difficulty in classes are stigmatized in modified general and vocational education departments“.The same for Le Parisien who does not push the film but regrets some” Bad jokes“.

After all, his affectionate Cyril is no longer the subject of controversy. Among the boxer’s noodle affair, live hoax that’s considered homophobic or sexual assault (columnist Jean-Michel Merr kisses a guest breast without her consent), We can say that the painter is presented. However, he loses neither his aura nor his strength.

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