Clamon Calmon, CEO, Calmon Partners Group: “For us, people, capital, and connections are inseparable when looking to grow your business.”

Calmon Partners Group is a confluence of international recruitment services, fundraising advice and financial news. A rare skill. Interview with its CEO, Claude Callmond.

What is the principle of Calmon Partners Group?

Claude Calmont: Calmon Partners is a unique ecosystem that evolves around it Three complementary activities: HR, fundraising consulting and media. We offer our clients the possibility to integrate an environment in which they can find an answer to these major problems. For us, people, capital, and connections are inseparable when striving to grow your business.

How did this idea come about?

It all started two years ago with the creation of Calmon Partners التنفيذي Executive Researcha company that attracts talents specialized in the field of investment, in France and abroad. As the first months of pandemic panic and lockdown passed, we quickly saw an explosion of financial operations activity, particularly within investment funds. These structures generally see any crisis as an opportunity. This investment “boom” has benefited the entire investment value chain: banks, advisory firms, and even start-ups.

Claude Calmont: This complete ecosystem allows us to intervene at different stages of the company’s life, and we will continue to supplement this group with new services.

In the same way, We felt the growing need to support these players, especially in their recruitment campaigns. We are witnessing a real war of talent and the headhunter’s place has been confirmed for the past two years. Working closely with investors, we have also identified the need for support in fundraising, particularly among start-ups that are not yet sufficiently developed to attract investment funds.

After carrying out several direct investment operations as a business owner, it seemed natural for us to provide a fundraising support service for startups in so-called “early stage” where “seed”. Calmon Partners Financial Services was born. We run this activity between Paris and Geneva, in order to benefit from a wider network of companies and investors.. This also allows us to support these startups with key hiring, which strengthens the team and reassures investors. Little emphasis is given to the importance of initial hiring when the company has just raised funds and needs to speed up its development.

The latest media brick and events resulted from the acquisition of the site End of 2021. This platform specialized in financial information, covering both traditional topics (mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, investments) and newer topics such as decentralized finance (blockchain, cryptocurrency, Web 3.0). We’ve taken advantage of the site’s reputation and audience to add a job board that specializes in finance jobs. This site will give us the opportunity to create content for our recruiting and fundraising clients, as well as support a media plan for startups that have just raised money.

This complete ecosystem allows us to intervene at different stages of the company’s life, and we will continue to supplement this group with new services.

What are your short term goals?

2022 will be interesting for the group because our recruitment activity is experiencing very strong growth in France and internationally (we achieved our 2021 turnover in the first quarter of 2022, and we are actively recruiting and opening new accounts), we have already signed several exclusive fundraising mandates around “Hot” topics such as HR Tech, Sport Tech, Luxury, and finally Finyear’s audience have nearly doubled since the acquisition. We also want to relaunch Finyear magazine, quarterly and 100% digital.

We will therefore continue to cement our positions, particularly through the key appointments of the three brands, always in expert profiles. We also want to make new investments in projects in our ecosystem (Human Resources, Finance, Media). Group growth may also pass through one or more strategic acquisitions.

Finally, at the beginning of 2022, we invested in our technology solution that will digitize recruitment processes, as we are committed to simplifying recruitment logistics for large groups that do not benefit from the flexibility of new solutions.

What is a business model?

Brand business models Executive Search and Financial Services Similar, we charge a percentage of the process we do, investing or raising money. In media and events, we have several sources of income: advertising (site + magazine), job board individually or by subscription, and media plan support also upon subscription.

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