After the death of two children, the victims receive vouchers.. Shock!

Since the case was revealed betonyThe brand is in turmoil. And it’s not this scoop that risks picking up the pieces!

Buitoni at the end of the line!

A few weeks before the chocolate affair Kinderand frozen pizza betony It made the headlines. This recipe alone has many values ​​of sharing and friendliness. Sadly, when we learned that 75 kids had the bacteria, there’s a mess on the shelves. Between those who want to boycott the brand and the doubters who question the competition, the life of a supermarket manager is not easy at the moment. He was forced to justify himself about the origin of his products, and he no longer had more information about what was happening in the factories.

To discover the images, the tension rises a little. Two years after the pandemic, how can any standard not be respected? And Philip Echebest would not be the one who could say otherwise. in episodes kitchen nightmareMonitored cold chain management and use of fresh ingredients. How will all this be resolved? The food brand’s position has been the subject of new controversies. Who will have the last word?

Facing the scandal, Bitoni responds…

In the press, the news just fell through. Two children are said to have died after eating the famous pizza betony. As a result, the police and the judiciary united and opened an investigation for “Manslaughter“,” deception ” And ” Putting others at risk »! No one could remain indifferent to such news. Not even the banner executives who wanted to support families. However, the way they go about it seems more like a shocking joke than anything else. Is this a strategic mistake or just a denial of reality? dear reader Objeko -You will decide!

In response to a question from our colleagues from La Voix du Nord, a victim lawyer Betony and wider range Nestle , He criticizes what happens behind the scenes. Indeed, these stunned customers warned that it was sounding the alarm. The latter would have received a strange mail containing a “gift”. How to accept regular coupons” compensation“in order to” uncomfortablesuffer. Burying a child in front of you is not in the natural order of things. So when the cause of death is what you fed him, how do you forgive yourself? This guilt will forever haunt the members of these families. ObjekoSend them all his kindness!

Families are in shock

That is why the lawyer does not utter his words and show his fangs.“I know it happened over the past three or four days. It’s a joke.” And if you really wanted to know the value of these famous gift vouchers, it was about … 20 euros. Oh, it stings! A child’s life is worth so much more. And then, let’s say, no financial compensation, even with a lot of zeros, will not be able to relieve the pain of loved ones. For its part, the brandbetonyHe wanted to immediately react to this countless turn.

spokespersonBetony andPerplexed St. As proof of this, he can’t even find the right terms to allay the anger of all his brand customers. “This should not have been done We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to this consumer who may have been offended. » Tspecifying that he will personally ensure that this does not happen“Do not breed”It does not give additional information about what happened during the design of this famous pizza. When investigation time allows us to see a clearer view, the trial phase becomes more necessary than ever. Fingers crossed that there are no more product recalls of this type soon. Previously,ObjekoHe believes that factories should review their specifications so that they are not in the sights of the controllers. Continue in the next issue!

Thank you to our colleagues from Voix du Nord

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