Why is Galatea so popular in 2022?

yes cyborg Released nearly 6 years ago, singer Nekfeu’s “Galatée” track is still a hit. How do we explain this enthusiasm?

Today, it is still 156 in daily best songs From Spotify, the ranking of the most listened to songs in France. “Galatée”, the popular title of Nekfeu, has nearly 50 million streams on Spotify. I stayed for months in top one Following its release, it is the rapper’s most streamed track right now, after the eternal “We’ll See”.

However, the song Galatea is not officially a diamond song, unlike Mauvaise graine, Squa, and Saturne (probably soon). However, these are not included in best songs Nkfu Folk Songs, which made “Galatea” the latest hit songs cyborg. The opportunity to return to the place of love songs in the discography of the rapper with a title cyborg It seems to be working fine.

Broken heart, sex and pain

Our first insight into Nekfu’s love life is Suga. Released in 2011 on the songtape bloody valentineKen Samaras tells the story of a very painful breakup with a woman “buried” his heart. The piece ends with initial lines in the sequence of events: “My heart bleeds / For all the players in this love-eating game / For all my past experiences / Protect your pigs, the funk is in the sheepfold / The hanging is open, hearts narrow”. Shortly before the release of shootingthe rapper again refers to a difficult breakup, perhaps himself, in “T’endors pas” with Aladdin 135: And then I knew true love, which hurts me / So let me tell you that my heart is but an abyss”.

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shooting It was re-released in 2015. In this album, love is slightly present, and his vision is mainly focused on the sexual aspect. In “Wanted It”, Nekfu tells the story of a woman who met in the evening, and got stuck in a gear striptease and pornography. In “Princess” listeners discover the woman’s personality lost in the vices of sex and money.

After the party’s vices, through ‘Égérie’ and ‘Laughable Loves’, Nykvu confides in “lover’s life”And he doesn’t seem ready to fall in love again. It gives the impression of focusing more on his career and what he has now. I feel like I only know one woman.” It may refer to the previous person he talks about in ‘Suga’ and ‘T’endors pas’. In short, the rapper does not want a serious relationship, as he asserts in “Leave With Me”: I would like people to think of this imperfection / Love must make up / Love is war and that’s why I’m afraid to commit.

When Nykvu rediscovers love

product cyborg The end of 2016 marked a turning point in the love life of Nykvu. On “OD”: “It’s not just one night in a hotel” or Without your reflection in my eyes, my life is like nothing. Show that the rapper is really attached to the woman this time around. But the find is Galatea. This time, the song is a declaration of love, and it is one of the most beautiful songs in the history of modern French rap. From a vision centered around sex and pain, he goes to the opposite.

Nekfeu confirms his new vision of love before wandering starsWhich will be released in mid-2019. On this album, Nekfeu released several songs on this topic: “In the universe”, “Chanson d’amour”, “Lipstick” … “Elle pleut” in particular is a huge hit. In this one, it’s the brand new Ken Samaras we’re getting to know. A difficult separation is told through joyful memories, with a melancholy rhythm with positive notes.

However, he seems to accept the breakup better. Maybe because he understood that we could love again. And finally, it’s the rapper’s love stories that hold up the most.

indisputable success

If “Galatée” appears second on top Spotify in Nekfeu, follow “Elle pleut” and “Dans l’univers”. Evidence of the undisputed strongest popularity of rappers’ love songs. “Cheater” comes in at number five, but it’s the most streamed title for wandering stars With over 80,000,000 plays on Spotify.

Even on TikTok, “Galatée” has been covered more than 15,000 times, a record for the song list. cyborg. By narrating love in a new way, Nekfeu reaches a different, wider audience.

clemence_mai_ly I have a scar from Leuffy as a bonus #nekfeu #galatée #fyp #hehe ♬ Galatea – Nekfeu

So why is “Galatea” still a hit in 2022? Nekfeu’s best-selling songs seem to be love songs. Among these songs, the song “Galatea” stands out easily. In recounting the contrast between his romance and his media explosion, the rapper opens up about his feelings. The production is exhilarating and melodic. And the result is there: the nymph Galatea is immortal.

Listen wandering stars.

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