Today’s Fact: Easter Holiday: A selection of activities for children

The Vélorail de Thoiras allows you to discover Cévennes in a different way. (Photo: Elodie Bouchet/Lence Gard)

While spring is at last here and our dear little ones are on vacation for another ten days, target gard It offers a selection of entertainment for children and teenagers.

And this is in the entire territory of Gard, and for all tastes!

nim and its cluster

syllabus : treasure hunt through Roman days. Hadrian’s challenge in 122 AD. Emperor Hadrian passes through the city of Namousos. He wants to build a cathedral there in honor of Plotina, the wife of his predecessor who gave him access to power. He is looking for the best architect: a smart and intelligent person! It’s up to you to face the challenges he presents to you across the city to show that you are the one who qualified! Meet at the Tourist Office, 6 bd des Arènes, Saturday 7 May from 10 am. Continuous departure from 10 am to 6 pm (takes about 2 hours). Online registration is required. free.

syllabus : Strawberry Festival in the halls of Nîmes on Saturday 30th April. Wanting to highlight the vegetable vendors and restaurants, the Auberge des halles organizes a cooking competition around strawberries. There will be a class for adults but it is also for teens and kids. Come cook strawberries with your family and create gourmet recipes to enhance this seasonal product. See you Saturday morning in the halls of Nîmes.

Susette : “Pâquerette leads the investigation” is a play that will be found on Sunday 8 May at 4 pm in Foyer (Grand rue). Bacoret is a cow that lives in the Camargue. Spring is back in the area and she is surprised not to see her friend Clemente returning to the flamingo. Like any migratory bird, he left at the end of autumn for warm countries. So Daisy decides to go to Africa to find her missing friend. Guided by a swallow, she begins her journey aboard a hot air balloon…a great adventure filled with friendly encounters and funny situations. At each stage discover a new country, a new friend, a new mode of transportation… Free entry. Duration: 45 minutes.

Alice / Seven

for them : A selection of performances that can be found at the Pelousse Paradise Theatre. This Wednesday, April 27 at 11 a.m.: enchanted world, A Disney-inspired show that delights young and old alike! The catch-up session will be held on May 2, still at 11 am. This afternoon, with Chico and Blackbeard’s treasureTake aboard the Invincible and navigate the wonderful world of pirates!

for them : May 2-6, 10am-12pm for children aged 4-6 (€75), 1pm-5pm for children aged 7-15 (€120), art school Circus “Le Salto” d Alès, located in the Rochebelle Center for Culture and Science, welcomes trainee circus pupils during an internship. Reservations at 04 66 30 14 90.

Saint-Jean-du-Garde: The popular Cévennes Steam Train (TVC) kicked off its season on Sunday, April 10. From Saint-Jean-du-Gard to Anduze via Bambouseraie de Générargues, the user discovers (re)the beauty of Cévennes in bloom. The cost of a round trip is 17 euros for an adult, and 11.50 euros for children from 4 to 12 years old. TVC will run three times on Wednesday and will do the same tomorrow, before the pit stop (closure) on Friday, and then restart on Saturday.

Cévennes steam train. Photo: Elodie Bouchet / Lens Gard

Thieras: In the garage since October 31, 2021, Cévennes Vélorail resumed flights on Saturday, February 5 with two departures per day. A leading activity in Cévennes When the good weather returns, the vélorail is the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature, take in the view of the Mescladou Bridge, all on the pedal strokes of 6 km, and the family! Prices: 12 euros for adults and those over 13, 8 euros for children from 5 to 12 years old and free for children under 5 years old.

Ron Gard

Bagnolls/Size: Mario Kart Live, Thursday May 5 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm A session of the popular Mario Kart game, but in a very real circuit, which will take place in the Léon-Alègre media library: you will have to meander between shelves, books and media library furniture . In the program: Experience time, race and circuit building. From the age of 8, registration is free on 04 66 33 20 00.

Bagnolls/Size: Multiple activities are planned in the game library, for example Thursday, April 28 this morning of puzzles and investigations of all kinds (from 6 years old), on Tuesday 3 May Building a domino structure (from 7 years old), on Wednesday 4 May Creative fun workshop With Elsa Huet (5 years old) and Thursday May 5 Flash 8 Games. Free registration at 04 66 39 56 53, entertainment 10am-12pm (except May 4 9:30am).

The gardens of the Pont Saint Esprit Museum of Sacred Art (DR)

Pont Saint Esprit: Treasure hunt “Fantastic Beasts”, Tuesday 3 May 2:30 pm, departure from the Museum of Sacred Art. Treasure hunt team on the streets of Pont, where you will have to answer puzzles and discover clues, on the House of the Knights treasure trail, home of the Museum. 7-11 years old, free animation but when you register at 04 66 90 75 80 or


Montaren-et-Saint-Mediers: It’s up to you, Saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. at the Media Library. La jeudothèque presents a workshop for cooperative games created by Sanilhac-Sagriès students on the topic of sustainable development. Supervised by trained facilitators, the workshop is open to children from 3 years of age, their parents and grandparents. Free and free sharing.

San Quentin-la-Pottere: Media library goes green in tree climbing park nature airTuesday, May 3 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. A day to spend your time under the trees, listening to stories, and playing games from the Inter-Municipal Games Library, as part of the sustainable development spring. Free and free access, information on 04 28 70 13 34.

Beaucaire Land of Argence

Belguard: Dolls, songs for young children, musical instruments … The festival “Mômes en fête” takes place at the Frédéric-Mistral Media Library in Bellegarde until April 29. Nick Bruno’s animated movie “Les Incognitos” will air on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. The next day at 6:30 pm, enthusiast of stringed, wind and percussion instruments from around the world, Sébastien Belin will tell you all about its origins, manufacture, playing techniques, legends, and rich and wonderful sounds. On Friday, April 29th, at 6:30 p.m., Sens en éveil will present their show The Chemistry of Happiness. Free entry within the limits of available places, information on 04 66 01 13 62.

Booker: Beaucaire Town Hall presents a free escape game to mark science fairin the municipal library located in Cours Gambetta. Combining science and research, dive into the heart of a life-size investigation. An authentic immersive experience. On April 27, 28 and 29 at 2 pm, the number of participants: from 2 to 6 players, from 14 years old. Registration is required on 04 66 59 26 98.

Escape game at Booker Castle (Photo: Stephanie Marin/Objective Guard)

still in Boker, and another escape game, which is offered by the Tourist Office of the Beaucaire Terre d’Argence commune. The game, titled “Raimond & the Quest for the Grail,” has been re-launched today, Wednesday through Saturday through May 7. Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse and Saint-Gilles, Duke of Narbonne and Marquis of Provence, entrust you with the difficult task of finding and ensuring the protection of the Chalice. Hiding away from the wrath of the world in Castle Booker, a new adventurer awaits the arrival. Only a worthy hero could bear the weight of the legendary sacred chalice and protect it from untold dangers. Prices: 14.30 EUR to 16.50 EUR. Information and reservations: 04 66 59 26 57.

Jonquieres-Saint-Vincent: the demonstration Festi’Rush On May 7th at the Socio-Cultural Center between 2:30 pm and 5 pm. In the programme, workshops, a snack and a show, all for children from 4 to 11 years old. By reservation, 2 euros to enter.

Little Camargue

Camargue: Manadis I love you, free entry. From Friday, April 29 (5:30 p.m. Manad St. Louis in Montcalm) in maneuvers. On the programme, traditional morning lunches, ferrade, abrivado en pays, aperitif, communal meal, small cow race, bullfighting and dressage demonstrations, peñas, local gypsy and flamenco groups and possibly ball competitions.

The Killar: On Wednesday, April 26, a traveling pigeon gathers and activities around pigeon racing with the Camargue Pigeon Breeders Association. For children, every Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm (free of charge). Pigeon Breeder Concord in Camargue, 11 rue Pasteur. 30740 Le Cellar.

Galician port : Discover the Camargue with the family in a small electric boat without a license. Galician Marina. 400 Route des Etangs 30600 Gallician. 06 98 97 88 13.

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