Philip Guillaume: For 20 years, he made the children in the hospital laugh

Philip Gillumin is a busy man. Responsible for logistics at CCAS de Clermont, he is also an actor and spends a large part of his free time volunteering to make the children at the hospital at CHU de Clermont laugh.

For 20 years, Philippe Guillain has been walking the corridors of pediatric and emergency services at CHU. He wears his green clothes and an amazing clown nose, which is also green, and his job is to intervene along with the medical teams to reduce the stress and stress that children feel when they enter or stay for care at the Estaing site. For children aged 0/16 years, incorporating the hospital environment is not really a fun moment, the environment seems rather hostile to them and it is sometimes necessary to “manage situations”, especially in the emergency room. Therefore, pandemonium or playing the harp along with the nursing staff is often helpful.

” Atmosphere Silence HospitalThis is from the past.

“It’s an incredible experience. I’ve been in contact with 30,000, maybe 40,000, kids for 20 years, face to face,” explains Philippe Guillaume, who offers a three-hour session each week. ” Atmosphere Silence HospitalThis is from the past. From now on, animation is integrated into the sponsorship track. The various associations involved are part of the hospital landscape. The place has to live… We are here for the children and the nurses and doctors understand that.” When he arrived at the site, Philo doesn’t know how to intervene. He flutters and improvises according to admission or care, health status of residents and appointments in services.” You have to balance being side by side With employees who, more often than not, also play the game, integrative, to distract. Sometimes it happens that kids finally feel comfortable but parents or grandparents feel guilty, especially in the emergency room. In this case, it is about making them laugh as well to downplay the situation. Of all the memories I’ve accumulated over the past 20 years, I have one absolutely amazing. I met a little girl one day who remembered very well the animation I did with her, and on the other hand she did not remember why she was in the hospital. ”

Team of 14 people

Philip Gillumin (right) and the carriages Photo Vincent Roche

The green-nosed man created the Support Association 2 ARTS CHILDREN IN HOSPITAL Recognized as Public Interest* since 2015. Now has 14 members, all volunteers, who practice clown. Philippe Guillaume has just announced that he wants to leave the presidency of this structure and hand the hand “to the young”. “We have been working together for a long time, and they have been trained in the various activities that we offer, and activities that are supervised by APECH, an association for the comfort of children in hospital. So that they can take over.” After 20 years without counting the hours, we can understand that Filo needs a little breathing, especially since the work is not limited to hospital interventions. The team regularly goes to public events, in particular sporting events, to raise funds, because every year it buys small new toys for 4 to 5,000 euros that are given to children. “We also organize groups, like a food bank. We have identified 10 groups since 2015. Also by raising money, the association was able to get two golf carts, Velomobile and the Mobiclon. The first serves as a taxi for children to travel through the corridors of Estaing Hospital, and the other is intended to draw the attention of donors to outside events.
Philip Guillomin would now like to breathe a little more, but it certainly isn’t putting an end to his personal commitment to supporting children. He already has some ideas for assignments with NGOs, because all over the world, children need to laugh when they are hospitalized.

* The Declaration of Public Interest allows associations to issue a tax form that grants the right to tax credits to companies or individuals who contribute to sponsorship operations.

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