Introducing ‘Temporel’ Access Codes, the flagship spring event of May 13-14, 2022 – The Urban Bible

My timeIt is one of the most diverse contemporary programs in the creative music and boundless ambition of emerging artists, and is also the creativity of local musicians at its most, through two evenings of encounters, listening and exchange.

On May 13, head to La Sala Rossa!

On the first night of Temporary 2022Codes of Access presents theatrical and musical creations of author Jesse Plessis, as well as a short program by Paramirabeau.

at depth of silence, Brittany Ray (soprano), Jesse Plessis (composer) and Thomas Ayotte (songwriter) tackle the thickening of a silent romance. A woman, played by Brittany Ray, tells of her experience shadows Between the birth of love and the strength of doubt and evidence of absence. The musical writing of Jesse Plessis continues a work on contemporary mathematical formations of music, in the tradition of Iannis Zenakis.

This work investigates the possibility of a neutral music, presented by the arithmetic of forms, separate from its cultural, political or moral thickness. the thickness of silence It lies at the heart of the tension between this formal music and the poetics of the text and its emotions.

After that, Paramirabeau’s six performers resume Resistance / Flexibility Work commissioned by Romain Camiolo as part of the Montreal-Toronto-Quebec Tour project. Camillo is invited to produce a play on the topic of climate change, symbolically representing the forces of global capitalism and ignorance in the struggle against nihilism.

it follows If the time […]Void…a artistic work Commissioned by Frédéric Le Bel, whose title was inspired by a quote from Merleau-Ponty: “If time is known only by a being whose heart beats and carries its memory within it, then space is only discovered by the fatigue of a step that sees the horizon continually receding.”

An innovation designed for Paramirabo devices with electronic devices specifically designed for a 3D audio propagation system based on Ambisonic’s spatial algorithms, among others.

On the menu that night:

Jesse Plessis:

  • Jesse Plessis: Thethe thickness of silence, for soprano and piano (30 minutes). 2022. Canada. Or not

Paramirabeau group:

  • Roman Camillo: Resistance / Flexibility, for six tools (10′). 2022. Canada. repeat
  • Frederic Lebel: If the time […]Void…, for six tools (10′). 2021. Canada. repeat

On May 14, Osjang Plaza live!

On the second night of My timeaccess codes Presents a delightful program, with a new innovation of electric guitars by Kevin O’Neil, as well as the He lives From the photovoltaic cycle shrapneltitled ChromaWritten by composer Pierre-Luc Lecours.

O’Neil returns with a brand new electric guitar quartet, performed by the teotwawki band (for”the end of the world as we know it”). The artist seeks to expand the instrument’s performance record by augmenting its distinctive features and vocal material. In particular, distortion and use power cordsThe Mother The subwoofer’s uniqueness and constant noise level is translated into the use of disruptive music. This is followed by a talk about the electric guitar and its place in the world of contemporary music.

Finally, Pierre-Luc Lecours honors us with a world premiere with Chroma. This multimedia project collects works of authorship shrapnelIt was released under the title empreintes DIGITALes in January 2021.

nicknames blackAnd purpleAnd red And whiteThe four pieces of the cycle are freely inspired by the color associated with them. The materials combine vocal instruments, synthesis, soundscape, and everyday objects in an arrangement that should make studio work intuitive, expressive and dynamic. In this live version, three musicians will perform parts for flute, percussion, cello, and amplified objects. Added to this is a step by step design with an interactive video sound.

The project Chroma He promises a complete audiovisual experience that integrates the multiple aspects of Lecours’ work, in line with his current artistic interests: deconstructing contemporary musical practices, intercultural dialogue and musical heritage (electronic and instrumental) and exploring new forms of audiovisual expression.

On the menu that night:

Kevin O’Neill:

  • Kevin O’Neill: to select, for an electric guitar quartet (30′). 2022. Canada. Or not

Pierre-Luc Liqueurs:

  • Pierre Locke Liquor: Chroma, for three magnifying instruments, electronic and video equipment (55′). 2022. Canada. Or not

useful information:

  • Date: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 May 2021
  • Location: La Sala Rosa / Osgang Plaza
  • Tickets: From $15/$17 for Students/$20 Regular

For more information on the Temporel event, presented by Codes d’accès, or to purchase your tickets, visit Feel free to support Codes d’accès to help them carry out all their activities to the best of their ability! Donate at

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