How the Intellectual Dark Web is Breeding Panic Against LGBTQ ‘Groomer’

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‘Nanny’ panic sweeps the country as right-wing parties turn their backs on LGBT rights and debate opinions – along with a backlash against Critical Race Theory (CRT). In schools – perhaps straight from a group of anti-revival activists on the “intellectual dark web”.

As The Daily Beast editor Anthony Fisher pointed out in the latest episode of fever dreamsThis group of “self-proclaimed disaffected libertarians” sided against the idea of ​​proper political supremacy in early 2016 or 2017, and gained notoriety at a glance at the former. The New York Times Editor and writer Barry Weiss. Among the biggest stars are Joe Rogan, controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, YouTuber Dave Rubin, Peter Thiel’s right-hand man, and Eric Weinstein and Ben Shapiro, the only one from the police squad to become a real goaltender.

“These people claim to be lifelong Democrats, and some say they are Bernie Sanders supporters and have nothing to say about a Democrat or a politician. Liberal commentators or liberal ideas of the past six years…I think they’ve been defined more by what they do than what they do,” Fisher said. They do,” he added, “a lot of these people. Against the Left, all they see on the Left is things that “threaten the civilized West,” which is why they’re drawn to people like Tulsi Gabbard, a nominally Democrat…but mostly, they seem to target the right MAGA audience. “

witty fever dreams As co-host Will Somer points out, this group’s streak of ideas—focusing on the excesses of the left, particularly in academia—has now gone from gossip on Twitter to a major catalyst. Many national culture wars. In particular, right-wing language about critical race theory and Disney’s lies about “predisposed” children can be directly attributed to dark web creator Christopher Ruffo (who Schedule This Week’s Files) and James Lindsey. They “created this whole base to influence policy,” Fisher said, noting that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ personal press secretary is currently on par with the movement’s leaders. Meanwhile, some members of the Dark Web are seeing their right-wing allies turn their backs on them. Robin, a gay man, was recently attacked by Glenn Beck and others for using him and her husband as a surrogate to start a family.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Sommer and co-host Kelly Will discuss how Elon Musk’s successful bid to acquire Twitter bolsters the rights, raising the possibility that some of their favorites like Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos could get their accounts back. Meanwhile, “It really looks like [le réseau rival de l’ancien président Donald Trump] The Truth Society will now die in the country. Sommer noted that Trump had not posted anything there. And if you thought there was no QAnon angle to the Twitter deal, think again: Conspiracy theorists added characters to Elon’s name through the “mysterious” account. They largely believe that “big plans are afoot”.

Finally, the hosts discussed how newly released documents show Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green pleading with Mark Meadows to “ask the president to calm the people down” on January 6 (in the foreground). when deciding that rioters must be antifa); And how two influential Manosphere figures were raided in Romania as part of an investigation into rape and trafficking. As Weil points out, “It’s interesting to see how this continues to happen with those making the most noise for supposed panic.”

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This article is automatically translated from the original language into your language. Feel free to let us know if they contain translation errors so we can correct them as soon as possible.

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