How Migros won the Master of Swiss Web 2022

Congratulations on winning the Best of Swiss Web 2022! What does this distinction mean to you?

Erin Ackerman: We receive countless extremely positive feedback from our customers every day, and that’s our biggest motivation. We are particularly proud that our project has distinguished itself in the eyes of the jury, dedicated Netzwoche readers and in the eyes of the public during the award ceremony. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all those involved in the project who contributed to this success.

How did the idea of ​​direct video counseling arise?

Granite Crown: The idea was born during a workshop. The goal was to connect established commerce with online commerce and thus offer a convenient and seamless shopping experience to our customers. Clients should also be able to benefit from the consulting skills of our staff in established online sales. And that, when and where you want. The project was developed as part of an agile setup according to the principles of Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

How was the cooperation between Migros Specialty Stores as a customer and Migros Ari Cooperative as an implementing partner?

Erin Ackermann: We are very fortunate that at Migros Aare Cooperative, along with the New Business team, we have an idea and a growth plant within the Migros Group, which is constantly developing innovative business models. Granit Tetaj approached us in August 2019 with the idea of ​​a live video consultation. The Micasa Specialty Shop proved to be most appropriate as a pilot, as we saw relevant use cases there while selling products that required in-depth guidance. We were easily supported by stakeholders from Migros specialty stores, which allowed us to move forward quickly in product development within a multidisciplinary team.

When stationary trade was forced to close its sales territories in the spring of 2020 due to the Covid crisis, live video advice was also provided for SportXX, Melectronics and other specialty deals. Where is the most used display?

Claudio Zanger: It depends a lot on the season and the show in question. In general, Melectronics and Micasa customers use the service more often. But right now we also have a lot of live advice on Do it + Garden and Bikeworld.

What is the situation since the end of the Covid measures? Does use continue to increase, or was the service most common during the acute phase of the pandemic?

Claudio Zanger: We’ve had a lot of hits during the lockdown. However, it can be seen that the service is in high demand by customers, with its popularity growing, even after the Covid measures. There are a large number of customers who use live video tips frequently.

How do Migros specialty retailers benefit from this service?

Erin Ackerman: The enthusiasm we inspire in our customers allows us to retain them. We also drive high conversion rates and increased revenue across all channels. Migros specialty retailers want to become the retail leaders of their brands. With live video tips, we have a true comprehensive channel tool.

How do you explain the increased turnover? Are customers spending more on live video tips or does Migros reach more people?

Erin Ackerman: Both cases are true. Live video consulting is highly needs oriented, allowing us to generate additional sales. The advantage of live video advice is that we can help potential clients from the prospecting stage, generating additional turnover thanks to our high conversion rate.

Is Live Video Consulting an Additional Sales Channel? And if so, how does it differ from traditional e-commerce in the form of self-service?

Erin Ackerman: From a customer’s point of view, this is a service offering rather than a sales channel, although we can also complete the customer’s purchase in the context of a video tip. The big difference with e-commerce is the personal contact with our specialist advisors. With us, digital procurement has a face.

How is the service organized at the employee level? Is a specially trained employee responsible for service in each specialized trade or does the organization act like taking calls?

Claudio Zanger: We have a consistent team of advisors by Specialized Trade, who work exclusively for live video advice. Depending on the store, there are four to six employees specially trained for this purpose.

Have you also thought about accessibility issues during project implementation?

Granit Tag: Live video consultations are very popular among people with reduced mobility. So accessibility has been an important topic from the start. We recently reviewed the issues of unimpeded use by the specialist division of Migros Cooperatives once again. This analysis has highlighted some improvement opportunities that we will gradually implement.

What are the biggest technical challenges you faced during implementation?

Claudio Zanger: From an operational point of view, it was above all about finding the right equipment for our employees, as well as ensuring the stability of the Wifi network in the stores. For example, we tested over a dozen different helmets before finding the right model. From the clients’ perspective, the challenge lies in the unusual way they are advised. To make consulting intuitive for different types of clients, we focused specifically on the customer journey.

Live video advice powers the “Beratungshero” solution. In which companies outside the Migros group is this tool used?

Granit Tetaj: Apart from the Migros group, the solution is already used in many other companies, for example in Audi Switzerland and at the Hostettler Moto motorcycle dealership.

For what sectors is the service particularly suitable?

Granit Tetaj: As a software as a service, live video consulting is suitable for a large number of industries. We are already using the solution in many companies where we recommend intangible products – eg for advice on continuing education courses or also for advice on banking products. We are currently registering a large number of requests from companies from different sectors who want to use the solution and benefit from our experience.

How much does it cost to set up this service, for example, for a small electronics store?

Granite Crown: We analyze each case individually so that we can make a serious offer. It is especially important to consider different use cases throughout the customer journey, which can be very different.

What are the main lessons you learned from the implementation?

Erin Ackerman: The innovation that takes place in large companies requires a great deal of management attention and a great deal of trust in the team. The collaborative working method of all participants at all levels of the company and the development of agile products are critical success factors.

Claudio Zanger: Let me stress especially the importance of our advisors. The technical solution may be as good as it gets, but our in-branch consultants are the heart of our live video advice.

Do you already have plans for other use cases? What do you think, for example, of the live video advice in the butcher shop of Migros supermarket?

Granite Crown: It’s a motivating idea. But it must be checked in detail whether the use in the butcher’s office really makes sense in this model. However, it will definitely be possible. In principle, live video consulting can be used in different ways throughout the customer journey, whether in the inspiration, evaluation, conclusion or post-sale stages. A sophisticated video advice solution is especially useful when clients need additional information and support, when personalized advice brings high added value.

What advice can you give candidates for the upcoming edition of Best of Swiss Web?

Granite Crown: Give everything you can to your customers every day. Rely on a multidisciplinary team and use the right development techniques. In addition to these aspects, a high-level team and a little luck can lead to great success.

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