Fallout with his father, the couple … Axel Lavon secrets

Actress Axel Lafont was born on July 24, 1970 in Marseille. She is also the granddaughter of publisher Robert Lafont Daughter of Catherine Laporte and animator Patrice Lafont. The latter is one of the avatars of the small screen thanks to his many successful shows such as numbers and letters or Boyar Castle And pyramid. National fame would gradually pass him by from his family’s world. He is also the father of a girl named Mathilde and a boy named Fabrice, who he felt was an absentee father, as revealed in the ‘Parents d’abord’ podcast from Tele-Leisure.

“It was very different between what I was with Fabrice and Axel and Mathilde, who has a huge age difference. Let’s say I was in the beginning of my television career and I didn’t think, I admit, to this. I was so busy (…) I didn’t really teach them ”, he explained and added: “But on the other hand, I was happy, loving and fun (…) That’s right, I was not at all interested in their studies and was not at all strict. I think I was not a terrible father at that time (… ) I was always there on the hard times, they had. My dad was always there (…) they knew I was always there.” Then the host asked them for forgiveness : “I want them to keep the image of a gentleman who has done no harm to anyone, especially not to them. I ask their forgiveness if I was not a father present and caring as I would have been.”

Regarding his daughter Axel, she would have shown some tension between father and daughter. “Axel was angry with me for several things. We tried to defuse all the things she might have against me (…) At first, she didn’t want to do art. There were times when she was a little bit difficult because at times she had a pretty complete personality, and she thought, rightly or wrongly, that she was more right than she was. Wrong (…) So our relationship was a little strained. “Today, their relationship seems to have calmed down: “And then I got older, maybe it got better in a certain way … And now, things are going really well.”

Axel Lafont: Who are the men in her life?

The beautiful Axel Lafont lived a romantic splendor with the comedian Serge HazanaviciusBrother of director Michel Hazanavicius. They became more in love than ever and became parents to a daughter named Mity on January 4, 2006. But after several years of relationship, the couple divorced permanently in 2009.

In an interview given to the purethe star had captivated her relationship with younger men: “When I broke up with the father of my daughter, who was once older than me, she was beaten, to my great surprise, by boys under the age of thirty. It was absolutely nothing that attracted me. It happens that at some point, You say to yourself, Even if it means having experiences, I’ll also get this – there. And one day, I fell in love, she said.

The person who made her first movie milf In 2017, he could have been in a relationship, from 2013 to 2015, with a former reality TV candidate. Today, Axel Lavon will fall in love with her companion more than ever, Tennis player Roman Sechez.

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Axel Lafond: From Miss Weather to Director

From 1996 to 1999, Axel Lafont became an assistant host for Arthur on his morning show on Europe 2. After these years on the airwaves, the young woman is now absent from the weather on the show. nothing else on channel +. With her new notoriety, she has been featured in a few successful TV series including boy girl or Camelot.

This real touch has it all and then goes off on a one-man show. She went on stage from 2002 to 2005 in show frenzy. A wonderful experience that prompted him to diversify. I co-wrote the script for the TV movie surprise wedding Before releasing her first album online “Axelle Laffont in Translation” which includes famous American titles translated into French. After returning to Canal+ in 2016 with a short program calledaddictedAxel Lafont directed her first feature film, milf. A romantic comedy film that follows the adventures of the forty-three. Recently, in 2021, the young woman starred in the TV series Rousseau’s mistake in France 2.

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