Baby clothes and shoes: what size for what age? It’s all about equations!

In terms of clothes or shoes, baby sizing and sizing are a real headache for parents and people who want to give them a gift. To demystify them, here I prepared the ultimate guide for a clearer view!

Whether we have children or not, world Junior sizes Broad and often a bit vague. Ages, Weights and Measures…everything matters when it comes to label checking Children’s clothing and shoes. And it gets even more complicated if you are so inclined to do so Overseas purchases where the measurement system is not the same. Instead of letting you roam like lost souls, we’ve finally prepared all our tips It’s all about children’s sizes. without notes!

How are children’s clothing sizes calculated?

The principle is very simple: Children’s clothing sizes are calculated according to their age. From birth with sizes in months, until the end of adolescence (18 years), children have their own system of measurements. Where it gets difficult is that Not all children of the same age are the same height Or do not weigh the same. The indicator on the label actually corresponds to a rough average that can guide you but it’s not everything.

During the first months of a child’s life, the data that must be taken into account to know the size of his clothes is Height in centimeters and weight in kilograms. From 2 years old, we also add type measurements Waist, chest and pelvis circumference.

What do children’s sizes correspond to in France and the United States?

When a baby is born, it is not necessarily a size 0 or 1. It all depends on your measurements! Some are quite small, others are more form-fitting which is why taking his measurements is so important to find clothes that are comfortable for him. Children’s sizes are expressed in months and range from 0 to 18. Size 0 month (or birth) corresponds to an infant 50 centimeters in height and about 3.3 kilograms. come then Size 1 month, 54 cm for 4 kg, 3 months, 60 cm for 5 to 6 kg, then 6, 9, 12 and finally 18 monthsagree Baby 81 cm for 11 kg. Fortunately for us, the The equivalent in the United States for children’s sizes Too similar! Americans also take into account the height and weight of children and convert to months. Simply measurements are expressed in inches (in) and weight in pounds (lbs).

Toddler sizes: how do you calculate them from two years old?

If some brands still use month systemWe usually say that after 18 months, the height is expressed in years. sealed dress 24 months you meet a baby of about 2 years old. And in the measurements he gives 86 cm for about 12 kg. The same in the United States: One size 2 T (Translation of T as “little child” or little child in French) corresponds to A child between 83 and 86 cm (33-35 inches) and Weighing between 10 and 13 kg (24-28 lbs). These sizes range from From 2 to 5 or 6 years in France as in the United States. The largest small child size fits a boy or a girl 108 cm for about 17 kg.

Sizes for Kids and Teens: What are the measurements and formulas?

6 to 18 years old Children’s sizes are divided by gender. Girls and boys are not rated the same way, especially from 10 years old. This is when puberty starts kicking in and girls’ clothes are made around the growth of the chest and hips. for example, Girls size 10 corresponds to a child between 135 and 140 cm, 70 chest circumference, 58 waist circumference and 76 pelvic circumference. For a boy of the same age, the height is similar but the chest circumference is 68 cm and the hip circumference is 71.

In the USA, girls and boys sizes range from 7 to 16 years As well as follow the system of height and measurements. Some brands even already apply Labeling SML. for girls, Toddler meets a size 7 and 8, a medium to a size 10, a large to a size 12 or 14 and an XL to a size 16. In boys, the system rises to a size of 20.

girl size chart The Google
boy size chart The Google

How do you calculate sizes for children?

this too, Take baby measurements It is crucial to find your shoe size, whether in France or the United States. in France, The size of the shoe is determined by the length of the foot in centimeters. It is considered that the sizes of children’s shoes start from about two years, i.e Size 24, that is, the length of the foot is 15.5 cm. The Size 25 corresponds to a foot of 16 cm, size 30 to 19.5 and the largest, Size 34, Length 22cm. in the United States of America, Kids sizes are specified between 7.5 and 13 which corresponds to Size 31 in France. Beyond that, we go to adult size!

Child Size Correspondence Table The Google

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