A website popular with young people where pornography is mixed with pedagogy


Do you remember Chatroulette? This video messaging site was popular in the early 2010s. Concept: Communication via webcam with strangers all over the world. You may find yourself talking to complete strangers in seconds and going from one caller to another with just a tap. But the site, which wanted to be good looking, was also a benchmark for web perverts who sometimes spend their time showing off live.

Ten years later, a new site called Omegle, quite similar and weirdly under the radar since its creation in 2009, is making headlines as well. the reason ? Online media survey collage He reveals that young minors, sometimes still in elementary school, find themselves face to face with sexual perverts.

“Talking to strangers!”

Omegle is an American instant messaging site created under the slogan “Talk to Strangers!” (“Talking to strangers!”). It connects users at random, anonymously and without prior registration. There is only one condition: He must be at least 13 years old. In the end, a simple click is enough to authenticate it. The site has really hacked during the various periods of confinement.

It was during a discussion with a colleague that Baptiste de Munster, journalist and co-founder of Online Media collage Hear about this website which is oddly similar to Chatroulette, as he explains to Philip Vandel in media culture Wednesday. “I called him and was very surprised,” he says.

Dangerous site for young people?

“At first, I met everything I thought I was going to meet, namely young men, boys, girls, between the ages of nine and sixteen. Some were playing, some were killing time. Gone on Wednesday afternoon was really France college students,” As he describes before adding, “Quite quickly, among these youth profiles, profiles of a completely different kind are inserted.”

“Men who are framed without their faces, who have a webcam on their chests, under their stomachs. And then, one thing leads to another, more and more people with somewhat awkward postures, one hand under the table, pants down,” he explains.

awful picture

The candid, daring postures and inappropriate gestures that children and teens can discover on this site. “We’ve seen people pet each other, masturbate, and even show off,” Baptiste de Monstey said. Furthermore, a photo was revealed by collageMake noise. A man disguised as a woman, with a wig on his head, wears women’s underwear, sitting in what appears to be a bathroom with his hand on his penis.

During the investigation, Baptiste de Munster and his colleagues met a 13-year-old boy. They start the conversation. “I try to find people my age,” he says. The journalist replied: “What do you do at the age of 13 on a site like this? There are only crazy people, pornstars and men who masturbate.” “I skip automatically, I was a little shocked but it’s okay… I don’t actually have any friends,” he admits.

How do these teens know this site?

One question remains: How do these children and teens learn with this platform? After a quick tour of YouTube, the journalist realized that many YouTubers, such as Just Riadh (1.36 million subscribers), are offering their fans to talk to them on Omegle. On the radio of the first report collage, the youtubeur interacts with the Baptiste des Monstiers microphone. “Once you know it’s dangerous, you tell yourself it’s not a good idea to do it again,” he says. “My goal today, with the audience I have, is to deliver the right messages and do prevention.”

Baptiste des Monstiers would like to close this platform. “We have the means when we are fortunate enough to get relays for public opinion. Either we attack the site’s host, or we ask the access provider to block the site and Google to untag it, it is possible but it depends on the court’s decision. Since then, the Secretary of State in charge of Children’s Affairs has And the family, Adrien Taquet, arrests the prosecutor.An investigation is opened.

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