A mother with 13 children is an extraordinary sum! scandal.

They lived happily and had many children and family benefits! Once upon a time, there was a mother of 13 children called the Queen of Suits.

They are criticized in particular for not working and living on family allowances. This is the case of this mother of 13 children. Find out how much social benefits she gets to feed her large family.

A mother of 13 children lives on social assistance and allowances!

This brave mother already has twelve little children, but since that was not enough, she is pregnant at the age of thirteen. This is Sheryl Broadham, who would have been perfect for the families of the show, Life in XXL on TF1. This English woman has been heavily criticized for the astronomical amount she receives at the end of the month. An amazing amount that allows him to support his large tribe in the United Kingdom. We tell you the extraordinary story of this mother!

Mother of 13 children and 4 different fathers

Surprisingly, in addition to having many children, this mother has multiple fathers! But how do you deal with all this? She had her first twelve children with three different partners. She is currently pregnant with her last child with a new partner, Lee Bell.

We can say that this guy is brave! He did not flee when he knew that he would be the father-in-law of a great tribe. Nothing frightens her anymore, not even the fact of expanding the family by having an extra child.

Of course, when you’re an atypical family that doesn’t fit into any box, you get criticized. But journalists do not leave them, watching the mother and her children on a daily basis. This stove regularly makes the cover of magazines.

The family’s enormous benefits in allowances, the hate of netizens

Sheryl Brodham has a little nickname, but it’s not really a good name. We call her the queen of advantages. In fact, you receive about 350 euros per child each month. This represents about 40 thousand pounds per year of social assistance, which is about 50 thousand euros. 50,000. In other words, the salary of a senior executive!

A character that clearly did not please everyone. Internet users became angry and shocked on the Internet. They think that the mother gets a salary without working. Because taking care of 12 kids, who are going to be 13 soon, isn’t a job?

Family under close supervision

Sheryl Prudham takes a step back from other people’s opinions, which are just other people’s lives. Quote from Paul Amaro. She explains: Oh, you know, I don’t see children as a source of income, but if I got something from the government, I wouldn’t take it. I understand that people who work 40 hours a week are not entertained, but I don’t care.

A Briton went further and started a petition on Change.org to withdraw benefits from him. He also launched a rumor that her new baby would make her more money and that she would use it for plastic surgery. Approximately 15,853 people have signed the petition, with no consequences for the mother, at the moment.

What is the difference between England and France?

What is surprising is that our English neighbors are not known to be generous when it comes to social assistance. So one can wonder how much this mother will get in France. The difference is that the state in France takes into account all family wages. Thus, low-income families receive more social assistance than rich families.


For example, a family with three children receives €301.30 per month from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. To this is added €169.22 for each additional child. Thus, if we recalculate with Cheryl Broadham, the mother would receive €1,824.28 for her twelve children, or €21,891.36 over the course of one year.

The amount collected is still large, but it is still lower than the UK. In France, large families can also take advantage of other social benefits such as APL.

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