When the greatest French wines meet the NFTs

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  1. Introduction to Wine Bottle Club
  2. What does Wine Bottle Club offer?
  3. Access to VIP club and exclusive benefits
  4. Conclusion on the wine bottle club

Introduction to Wine Bottle Club

The Wine Bottle Club is the result of a collaboration between two professionals passionate about the world of wine, Luis de Bonicaz And Philip ButterflyAnd two tech lovers, Florent Colon And Maxim Jarrod.

Directed by Luis de Boncazi first lasser and butterfly With his partner Philip Papillon, a Bordeaux wine merchant Specialist in the greatest wines From the region such as Château Cheval Blanc, the very prestigious Château Margaux or Château Angelus.

Lewis is also the founder of BTC wine, a wine selling service based directly in Bordeaux, the capital of the vineyard. BTC Wine provides direct sales service from professionals to individuals, but also offers online sales More than 30 countries around the world.

You will be able to find there the best wines from Burgundy, as well as Italian and Spanish wines as well as famous champagnes such as the wonderful Dom Perignon. But above all, what makes BTC Wine special is that, as its name suggests, Winery accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as payment. You got it right: BTC Wine allows you to buy Petrus in Bitcoin.

Philip Papillon is nothing but CEO and Founder of Lasserre & PapillonWith his experience investing in the greatest wines and the Bordeaux wine trade across Asia, It promises to offer the best of French wine heritage.

An interview with Maxime Jareau and Florent Colonne Switch the project to Web 3.0The latter completed his HEC/Mines PariTech dual thesis on the possibility of food traceability via the blockchain.

These four enthusiasts decided to pool their talents in Create a wine bottle club : project Unique Non-fungible Token (NFT) that allows digital bottle holders to see it Powered by the greatest Bordeaux wines. Plus, it opens the door to the Wine Bottle Club and the many benefits that come with it.

👉 What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

What does Wine Bottle Club offer?

Thus, the Wine Bottle Club is the result of the collaboration of a wide range of talents from The wine and blockchain sector in order to introduce many new types of NFT.

This young company offers a completely unique idea: NFTs support for the greatest French heritage bottles.

The first collection of Wine Bottle Club titled ” origin », set off on a flying start with the best wine farms in the Bordeaux region, in order to present it to you 4,926 NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

These will be the uniquely designed NFTs Randomly generated across a panel of over a hundred themes. Among these thousands of unique bottles, some will benefit from a completely exclusive design.

Indeed, Wine Bottle Club collaboration with artist JonOneHe founded the artist collective “156 All Starz” with the goal of creating it Unique wallpaper for 501 NFTs in the collection.

Pope Clement

NFT Represents a Wine Bottle Club in collaboration with JonOne

Lovers of fine wines will be delighted: first of all, this unique collection will present 1500 Bottles of Pessac-Léognan Bitcoin La Cuvée® 2019 And 180 from Château Pape Clement 2014a carefully selected wine with a controlled designation of origin (AOC) produced in Pessac-Léognan, south of Bordeaux.

Then head north to the Gironde Peninsula to set foot in the Medoc vineyards. Wine Bottle Club will take us to Château Margaux, a label recognized all over the world, to present it to us 1500 Copies of Margaux Bitcoin La Cuvée® 2019.

A few steps away, go to Château Gruaud Larose, in the heart of the label Saint-Julien, where we will find 180 Bottles of Château Gruaud Larose 2014.

Finally, head east to Bordeaux, not far from the prestigious Petros vineyard, to find a copy of 60 copies of Château Cheval Blanc 2011. Famous bottle with a mixture of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

And to finish this tour of the vineyards of Bordeaux, the Wine Bottle Club will be able to offer it to us 1500 Bottles of Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Bitcoin La Cuvée® 2019a label requiring stringent production conditions, fruits of a mixture of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Note that the wine bottle club It still keeps 6 “legendary” bottles in its vaultwhose price, date of issue or nature have not been disclosed.

As you understand, we will deal here with a Careful selection by experts One of the best French wines.

Access to VIP club and exclusive benefits

Using the Wine Bottle Club NFT does more than just keep a virtual bottle in your digital wallet. In fact, This allows the holders of NFTs in this group to become members of the “VIP” club. take advantage of a Many exclusive features.

First of all, if you hold an NFT from Wine Bottle Club, the team responsible for the project will send you carefully A real copy of your own bottlecorresponding to the trait” a poster “.

Many other benefits are as follows:

  • Entry to the “Wine Bottle Club”the first club in the world that brings together lovers of fine wine and cryptocurrency;
  • Exclusive discounts In the BTC Wine store;
  • Visits to prestigious wineries and VIP events to the four corners of the globe;
  • access to whitelist future projects wine bottle club;
  • a personal introduction wine tasting;
  • from private sales except;
  • Tips for investing in wine;
  • preferential prices for Store your bottles directly in Bordeaux City Ponda warehouse specializing in the storage of wine;
  • Reaching the future metaverse wine bottle club, to be announced soon.

Conclusion on the wine bottle club

Here is the NFTs project that we can only highlight originalitywhich will likely make it possible Promoting France internationally through winea nectar has proven his mastery to a large extent.

wine bottle club, Supervised by true environmental enthusiasts, promises to deliver a high-quality project also thanks to its partnerships with renowned fields. As such, the team recently announced a file In collaboration with Bernard MagriezOwner 40 wineries around the world Including the Grands Crus classified as Château Pape Clément or Château La Tour Carnet.

With the benefits offered by its VIP Club, the Wine Bottle Club has all the cards on hand to serve as a bridge between the world of wine aficionados and NFT lovers.

With already many promising announcements and more to come, such as Partnerships with luxury wine houses or The world’s first wine cellar opens in MetaverseLooks like Wine Bottle Club is going to make a name for itself Inside Web 3.0.

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