Louane tells us more about this mini-series that aired from May 16th on TF1

On Monday, May 16th, at 9:10pm, TF1 will begin broadcasting the event mini-series Visions, a supernatural thriller, with Louane and Soufiane Guerrab.

The disappearance of a little girl plunges a small Provencal village into a state of dazed and awe. DiegoThe 8-year-old, who is present at the party, witnesses strange visions alerting the captain of the gendarmerie, especially his wife, Sara, young school psychologist. And if he sees or paints, Diego Was it related to this disappearance? Soon a special bond is formed between them Sara And Diego, let the investigation proceed.

Luan Amira This woman embodies a search for answers…

What attracted you to this new project?

Wanting to work with a child, which I had never done before. It’s a particular game that I wanted to explore, especially since the relationship between my character and that of Diego is as unique as it is to solve the mystery of a little girl’s disappearance. As soon as I read the script, I was eager to carry this character, to give substance to this psychologist who has invested so much in her profession and to search for answers about her childhood that she has few memories…

How did you prepare?

This is my first time doing a role away from myself so far. So it requires a large personal investment. Fortunately, I was able to count on the support of my coach, Catherine Chevalier, who has been following me for years. We worked together for several months on the character Sarah, and that effort paid off. I also talked a lot with my little sister who is currently studying psychology. Our discussions have nourished me and his experience has enriched my personal preparations. They helped shape my character and the story I wanted to tell. On the other hand, if I had a deep respect for psychologists, I wouldn’t be able to embark on this path, which was very difficult on an emotional level.

Besides the investigation, the “visions” also and above all relate to a precious exchange between a psychiatrist and a young boy. How do you deal with the child?

I would always talk to Leon, who plays Diego, and to my daughter as if they were adults, which was brought to my attention away from filming. If you take the time and explain things in simple words, the kids will be able to understand everything. There is no point in taking a small sound to reduce the notes. Maintaining simplicity and honesty, in my opinion, is the key to having an honest dialogue with them. We can then talk about everything, including the most difficult things. In this movie, we alternate between dialogues and long silences in order to create ambiguity around Diego’s visions. Our gaze game was also important in conveying powerful messages. These lengths desired by director Akim Esker enhance this series of genre, which is breathtaking, like a movie. We are always on the alert, pressure does not fall and questions remain unanswered for a long time …

What memories do you keep from your meeting with the young Leon Dorio, who plays Diego?

Our meeting carried me throughout filming. This little boy has become a very important person in my life. Even today, we call each other at least once a week and I talk a lot with his mother. Between him and me, a “match” since our first meeting. If that fidelity exists on screen, it was born out of the relationship we were able to form together. I only have fond memories of having so much fun with him, even if the director had little trouble directing these little moments of complicity! I had the opportunity to shoot many films and it is rare that I stay in touch with the film crews. We live strong things together, so, unfortunately, life takes us once again in its whirlwind.

A word about Sufyan Krab, who plays the role of your husband on the screen?

It was a pleasure to tour together. Sufyan was very respectful. It was very important to me because that wasn’t always the case with my other playmates. Akeem was precious. They helped me feel comfortable in the group. That’s why this photo session went so well. Also, the whole team was great. There was an excellent atmosphere at Forcalquier. It was hot, we met in the evening for a drink… It was very nice!

“No one is ever the same,” Sarah tells Leon. Is exclusivity what sets us apart?

definitely. Every human is unique. A universal message. If it is moved more, it can help everyone. Being unique allows us to move forward and excel in what we know how to do best. For me, it’s a magical thing. Being different from others when I was young was a source of suffering. I would have grown up and prospered more easily if someone had told me that my uniqueness would be my strength later on.

Singer and actress, you are a brilliant artist. What excites you the most?

It is very special. For a long time, I didn’t want to play anymore. It’s changing because I can’t wait to shoot again! In my life, singing and comedy are two distinct passions in which I fully invest myself, but in different proportions. Despite everything, the game comes in second place. In fact, I feel totally accomplished when I’m on stage and singing. Acting seduces me in stages. It’s not my main job. Even if it’s a little selfish, I love telling my story through music.

You are teeming with projects. Tell us all…

I don’t know where to go! I have a chance to shoot a new movie this summer. Starting May 6, I’ll also be on tour through mid-August. I’m releasing an album soon and I’m working hard now. Viewers will also find me in The Voice Kids, an adventure that I really enjoyed. It was so amazing. It took me a couple of shows to feel legit, but after that, it was great! Little kids are adorable. Right from the start, I admit, I had favourites, things to say, and make it work and I loved it!

interview by TF1.

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