I met the man of my dreams in the Metaverse and now we’re engaged

Dating apps to 2021 – people are now matching in the metaverse.

That’s what happened to 32-year-old UK resident Ellie Roberts, who hooked up with her husband in a 3D virtual reality world. In 2018, Roberts purchased an Oculus headset and began spending hours in the metaverse to relax and relieve the stress of working as a real-life intensive care physician during the pandemic.

Then one day, he spotted a “bearded, dark-haired avatar with a pink hoodie” at the Alt Space camp site, a central hub for users and their avatars.

“I could hear him talking to other characters and I was deeply moved by his confidence and presence,” Roberts told the newspaper. “It took me a few days to gain the courage to speak with him; when I finally did, there was instant communication.”

After breaking the ice, Roberts and Mark Charlton, 36, immediately began spending hours chatting and exploring new worlds. Charlton, who was fired from his job as a personal trainer and gym manager, also found solace in building an alternative life in the Metaverse area.

Soon, the duo found out online that they were identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community and started texting and following each other on social media, confirming that their shared attraction went beyond their avatars.

“We had some common hobbies and similar interests and beliefs,” Roberts said, adding that he fell in love with Charlton’s “confidence, kindness, social intelligence and emotional maturity.”

Charlton, 36, and Roberts, 32, spent hours hanging out in the metaverse nearly every night for two months before meeting in person.
Courtesy of Mark Charlton

After about two months of online flirting, Roberts and Charlton decided to meet in person. Roberts booked a five-hour train ride from his home in North Wales to see Charlton in London and spent the trip feeling “extremely nervous” wondering if Charlton was really there.

“As soon as I saw him waiting for me in the train station parking lot, there was the same connection we had in virtual reality,” he said. “I feel in love with him again!”

Charlton was also relieved to discover that gravity was stronger than ever.

“I just felt like I knew him because I saw how he interacted with other people and had fun experiences together in the metaverse. So when I met him, it didn’t feel very different to me, other than that I was looking at a real person, not a digital version of a person,” Charlton said. For The Post.

After their first meeting went well, the couple quickly planned another decade, as Charlton traveled to Wales to visit Roberts in December 2020. However, this time the visit coincided with a court order. They found themselves living together.

They settled down and less than a year later, in October 2021, Charlton and Roberts decided to marry. The lovebirds are planning to walk down the aisle in North Wales in September 2023, but will also incorporate a virtual reality event to celebrate with their best friends in the Metaverse.

Charlton insists that meeting in the metaverse, as opposed to a dating app, solidified their relationship.

Mark Charlton and his fiancée Eller Roberts
The two started DatesVR to help other couples communicate through virtual reality in the metaverse.
Courtesy of Mark Charlton

“I really got to know this guy through virtual reality,” he said, explaining how the metaverse allowed them to learn about dating virtually by attending LGBTQ meetings together and going to 3D nightclub dances.

He insists that the Metaverse is “too representative of real life” and notes that the couple still enjoy “evenings” together in the Metaverse, working on their incarnations from separate rooms.

Charlton and Roberts are so convinced that their romance can become the norm that they start DatesVR – a dating service in the metaverse.

DatesVR hosts various speed dating events and weekly special events to prepare users with compatible matches. DatesVR events are made popular by word of mouth, hosting thousands of avatars from around the world.

“My hope is that DatesVR will give people around the world the opportunity to make meaningful connections and hopefully find love,” said Roberts.

After all, he added, “I’d still be single if it wasn’t for metaphysics.”

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