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The seventh episode of the sixth season of the historical series Outlander, titled “The Toad’s Slime,” follows Claire who must face murder charges from Malva. In addition to Lionel Brown’s visions, the colonists’ hostility towards him seriously destabilizes Claire. While trying to find the real killer of Malva, Jamie faces another problem that could become the next Fraser Ridge scandal.

Roger makes an important decision that leads him and his family to temporarily separate from Jamie and Claire. The episode ends with the unexpected arrival of a guest who threatens Claire at The Ridge. If you want more details about the end of the episode, you’ve come to the right place!

Warning This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

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“Toad’s Slime” begins with Tom and Alan Christie inspecting Malva’s body. Tom suggests burying her, as an unforgivable sinner, outside the hills, but Jimmy requests a proper burial in the churchyard. Young Ian is asked to conduct an informal investigation to find the killer along with Josiah and Kezia Beardsley. Claire began preparing the body for the funeral and fell into distress when she heard settlers accuse her of killing her former student.

Young Ian fails to find the Beardsley twins but he meets Lizzie, who tells him she is pregnant. Jamie and Claire ask Lizzie about her pregnancy. She revealed that the father of her baby is the Beardsley twin. Since she was romantically involved with both of them at the same time, she cannot be sure of who the father is. To avoid another scandal, Jamie demands that Lizzie marry one of the twins. Expresses her desire to marry and live with the two. However, Jamie forces her to choose Kezia and gives her a hand.

During Malva’s funeral, Alain prevented Claire from touching the coffin of Malva’s dead child. After the funeral, Claire uses ether to calm herself. Lizzie goes to Roger and Brianna with Josiah and Kezia Beardsley. Roger gave Josiah’s hand to Lizzie without knowing that Jimmy had already given it to Kezia.

Episode 7 end: Will Claire be arrested? Will she be hanged for killing Malva?

After Malva’s funeral, Richard Brown and his men arrive at Fraser Ridge to arrest Claire for Malva’s murder. Claire’s efforts to save Malva’s child after her mother’s death set the stage for the many accusations against her. The fact that the settlers mistakenly believe she is a witch increases their suspicion of Claire’s involvement in Malva’s murder. Richard Brown, who has been waiting for an opportunity to avenge Jimmy and his family for the murder of his brother Lionel, takes advantage of the situation to harm Fraser.

As an influential person, Claire could be arrested by Richard. Although he’s supposed to protect Jamie Claire with all his might, he may have to let Richard stop him. With no witnesses to prove Claire’s innocence, arrest could be an easy task for Richard. When Richard arrives ready, with enough men and weapons, Jimmy may not be able to win a fight against him. Thus, we can expect Claire’s arrest.

When it comes to the final trial, Claire’s life hangs by a thread. Claire knows better than anyone that her supposed motive for Malva’s murder could put her in a dangerous position at a possible trial. However, Claire’s death is unlikely to occur. We can expect the truth about Malva’s murder to emerge before her life is threatened. Jimmy will probably try to find the real killer before it’s too late to save his wife.

Are Roger and Brianna leaving for Edenton? why ?

Yes, Roger and Brianna are leaving for Edenton. Tom Christie and his party arrived at Fraser Ridge with debt. He built a church in the colony, and Roger became its temporary clergyman. Roger grew up in a very religious environment as the son of a priest, and knows how to give sermons in church. It becomes an important presence among the believers in the colony. When Malva was murdered, even Jimmy asked her to lead her funeral sermons. After becoming God’s representative for some time, Roger realizes that he is destined to become a priest.

Roger reveals to his wife Brianna his desire to become a minister. When she accepted, he told her there was a parsonage in Edenton. They agreed to leave as soon as possible. Brianna initially comes close to suspecting Roger’s desire to be a priest. She knows that if her husband becomes a minister, he will have to deal with people, which will affect her time with her husband. As the daughter of a doctor, she had to come to terms with the absence of Claire, who was preoccupied with her patients.

Brianna fears a repeat of such a situation, as Roger, Jeremiah, and their unborn child will be taken away from her to take care of other people’s affairs. Understanding Brianna’s concern, Roger promises that he will always be husband and father first and foremost. Her assertion that her priority will be her family changes Brianna’s mind. They go to Edenton so that Roger can fulfill his wish to become an appointed minister.

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