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You clicked on this article at 7:19pm. On point and wondering if it was a sign? In numerology, yes. Discover all the symbolism of mirror watches. Know that according to numerology, this special clock tells you, in short: “I promise, you’ll be fine. You don’t have to be a math genius to become a mirror clock professional thanks to Caroline Drogo, the numerologist who helped us see things more clearly. What if we didn’t Does that speak to you? You’ll never check the time after reading this article and maybe cure your chronic delays All is well Read also >> How do you know the color and meaning of your aura? What are mirror hours? Mirror hours are times with corresponding numbers like 9:21 PM or 5: 05 a.m. The idea is that in numerology — an esoteric practice of interpreting symbols associated with numbers — each of the mirror clocks has a very specific meaning.” “In numerology, we assume that numbers, numbers, and letters have a vibration,” explains Caroline Drogo who promotes the topic, but Also astrology or tarot of Marseille on her Instagram account carolinedrogo.” When you see a lot of mirror hours a day, it means that you are where you want to be and can move forward with confidence. “Why do we give meaning to mirror hours?” I believe in the universe, so mirror hours or animal transits, to me, are messages from my guides. The numerologist reminds us that this is a belief: each in his own way and each in his own way. Believe it or not, the meanings are all positive and encouraging anyway. For Caroline Drogo, “These are synchronicities, a little help from the universe.” There is no danger of going through a mirror clock telling you that you will meet your ex tomorrow between the cheese and butcher sections. Read also >> Couple Numerology: Numerical Compatibility Inverse Mirror Hours: 9:12 PM or 2:41 PM, for example. Caroline Drogo gave us her meanings of 1:10: This clock reminds us that even in turmoil, we are not alone. The message: Don’t give up but weigh your strengths and weaknesses 02:20: It’s time to reap the rewards of your efforts and seize opportunities. The message: “You have to go!” 03:30 AM: This is a sign that we can trust our intuition, a spiritual awakening begins for us and we must succeed in finding the balance between the earthly and the spiritual world. 04:40 AM: Separation or disappointment in love ؟This watch indicates that everything will be fine.This is the moment of truth where one must settle in order to move forward with confidence.Tip:Be true to yourself 10:01 am We start a new adventure We have talent and abilitiesIn love, It’s a sign that you should go back to the tangible and not get carried away too much.12:21: It’s a sign that you’re going to free yourself from weight or negative thoughts.It’s a psychological or physical liberation that leads to opening up to others, and that it’s essential to move on. 2:41pm : We often see this hour after a breakup, according to Caroline Drogo. It’s a sign that a bad faith person is leaving our lives and that we’ll find balance 3:51 p.m.: We’re in a beautiful period of creativity, harmony, and clairvoyance. As a couple, time marks a good period for sex and projects. Potential children 8:02 pm: This is a sign that you should regain self-confidence, and that you have potential and ideas. The message: You have to open up to others, stop being afraid and go for it. 9:12 p.m.: Time indicates a moment of doubt. It is a sign that we will reinvent ourselves, even if the future seems uncertain, we have to believe in ourselves. 11:32 PM: The message? “Enough with doubt, you are on your way, everything is going well. Time calls for boldness and action. It is the helping hand of the universe to carry out one’s projects. Also read >> Free Life Path Calculator Three Hours Mirror No, you are not dreaming: Before I get to strictly mirror hours, here’s another different category. Triple hours have the same number three times. 00:01: the hour for new beginnings. We come out of the fog with new energy and a bunch of projects. Message: No doubt, a lucky star is watching you 12:02 a.m. : This is a fertile time for creativity and enterprise. The idea: to remain receptive, open and trust your intuition. To close 00h04: The message is: “You will succeed in what you are doing, the end of the tunnel is not too far.” For any problem, there is a solution..00:05: The clock indicates that we must be careful and heed the signals the universe sends us..00:06: If there is a problem now, a solution will be found.The clock calls us to gain height and prioritize things thanks to our intuition..00:07: The idea is not to be afraid to embark on Projects that convey our vision: Even if a little crazy or avant-garde 00h08: This triple clock means “You can do it, that You doubt it, but you shouldn’t: you have a role to play. Listen to yourself and be bold.” It is also a sign that you should surround yourself with interested people who will give you a boost. The message: Let’s try to remain true to our values ​​02:22: Time is telling that we are protected, and many projects are in the works. If you are pregnant this is a sign that everything will be fine 03:33: A new relationship (romantic or friendly) is approaching. Let us remain attentive to our dreams: they may be precedent. 05h55: The time is official: there is no doubt that we are guided and protected. The message: Trust your intuition, you will win. 10:00 AM: After hard work, we will finally be rewarded: we will reap the fruits of our labor. It’s a good time to be creative. The message: Let’s stay focused. 11:10 a.m.: This triple watch is going to be a sign that our lucky stars are watching us, that we need to gain confidence and that we have a lot more power than we think. It is a sign that the situation will calm down, happiness is coming and things will be back to normal. The message: Being kind and generous is a trait, not a mistake 11:13 a.m.: We’ll go faster, it’s time to act. In short: perseverance and hard work. 11:14 a.m.: Time calls for discipline, discipline, and routine. It is a sign that we will succeed in seeing ourselves at our fair value. 11:15 a.m.: We’re going through a moment of doubt. It’s a sign that things will turn out if you show discipline and rigor and start working on yourself. The perfect time to calm down, de-stress, and finally check in. 11:17 a.m.: Time tells us not to lower our focus. Relational appeasement invites us to review our relationship to power. 11:18 a.m.: This is a sign that we will be collaborating with other people. The message: Connecting with others is easy, luck is smiling at us. 11:19 a.m.: This triple clock indicates a stable period. We must continue our efforts, remain humble and continue to discipline ourselves. The key is communication. Why not sort at the relational level? 1:33 pm: This is a watch that invites you to trust your intuition. This moment opens up to the spiritual and is ideal for seeking balance and calm. 3:55 pm: This is a reminder that you can trust your inner compass. If you have the impression of being lost, this is a sign that this period of fugue and mystery will soon end at 8:00 pm: if you have a heartache, this is a sign that the heart will soon heal. 9:11 p.m. : The period is very creative and allows you to realign yourself with your desires. The message: Be honest and do not seek other people’s love at any cost. 10:20 p.m.: This is the time for healing and fertility. The watch invites you to take care of your body and mind but also to reconnect with nature, what we do. Tip: Recharge Your Batteries Close to Nature 10:23 p.m.: Time is a sign that we are living in a period of abundance, linked to the fertility, creation, and balance that exists in our lives. 10:24 p.m.: The message is clear “Roll up our sleeves, make an effort: it will pay off!” 10:25 p.m.: In short, time refers to finding balance in one’s life. The message: “You are a strong, sensitive person, kind to listen and that’s a good thing. . » 10:26 p.m.: If we’re on a medical trip or have health concerns, that’s a sign we shouldn’t lose hope. 10:27 p.m.: The period is stable and full of energy. The clock invites us to reorganize ourselves with our desires and support those around us if we can. 10:28 p.m.: A watch that triples indicates that someone in our vicinity needs our help. The message: Let’s harness this good energy to boost the morale of the troops. But above all: it will pay off. 11:33 p.m.: This is a time of protection, energy and optimism. The idea is: “Go to the bottom of things and trust yourself to weigh the pros and cons.” Discover the secrets of the 24-hour mirror.

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