Unpublished discoveries about the legacy of his eight children, eldest daughter swaying

Jack Martin died in September 2007, he was a popular television presenter. At the age of 74, he died of generalized cancer. Shortly before his death, the person who hosted a large number of television and radio programs carefully prepared for this moment. And it is his daughter, Elise, who reveals how Jack Martin predicted his departure.

Jack Martin prepared his departure carefully

Jack Martin was the father of eight children, so his inheritance could have sowed discord in his family. Indeed, a participation that will be organized among many people promises many conflicts. But according to her daughter, who was captured in the magazine “Gala”, everything went well. In fact, Elise Martin reveals that the host has carefully prepared for his departure.

On May 4, the TV channel “Paris Première” will broadcast an unreleased documentary on Jacques Martin in prime time. For those who are interested, this report is entitled Behind Your Applause. He will reveal the hidden sides of this TV star through rare archives and testimonies.

For this report, Gala wanted to meet Jack Martin’s daughter. So this reveals to the newspaper that the latter was largely anticipating his death. “He did things well, yes. And then, in general, I think no one in the family was willing to get involved in legal battles that would last for years.” She said. Born in 1965, Elise is the first daughter of an animator. She told the magazine that he opened his heart to her shortly before his death. “He did a little for me, but he was very humble…but I managed to make a few moments of talking to him and I’m very happy today. He was especially reminded of the fact that we have parallel lives, and that our paths never really crossed. I’ve always experienced his absence so much.. She added.

A quiet legacy, but a separated family today

Elise Martin says her father’s last moments were marked ‘A stroke that has never been cured’. In addition, his cancer has spread widely. At that time, Jack Martin no longer wanted to see anyone. ” Like a wounded animal, he leaned in a corner and hid from everyone.

Today, we cannot say that the Jack Martin family is united. It seems that family ties have been erased. The daughter of the man who was under the control of “L’école des Fans” talks about her brothers: There are already four living abroad: Judith and Jane, two daughters of Cecilia (Atias) one in New York and the other in England. I think my younger sister, Juliet, is in Switzerland and Clovis, the youngest, I don’t know. Those my brother David and I see regularly are Frederic and Jean Baptiste, children my father had with his second wife, Danielle Evino. » So we can talk about a broken family to say the least. It is true that Jack Martin had an eventful love life.

A disappointment in love he never really recovered from

So the host liked many women, but the one who made him suffer the most was Cecilia Atias. Elise Martin, who was born from her first marriage to Annie Lefevre, always tells reporters at Gala that her parents divorced when she was two years old. Jacques Martin has never regretted this breakup unlike Annie Lefevre who has been in love with him all her life according to her daughter.

But Cecilia Attias, his third wife, broke his heart. The couple married in 1984 in Neuilly, and it was Nicolas Sarkozy who oversaw the ceremony. Unfortunately, a few years later, Cecilia left Jack Martin for the same guy! According to his daughter Cecil, it was a very painful ordeal for the host. “With each separation, we experienced our father’s ordeal. There, in addition, there was a sense of betrayal by the godfather of his daughters. He had confided his friendship to Nicolas Sarkozy and the whole thing ended up in this adultery. He has a double problem.” Reporters captured from Gala.

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