Surrounded by children and his wife, Emmanuel Macron puts on his new close guard

Emmanuel Macron during his victory, heading towards the Champ-de-Mars (Paris, April 24, 2022.) abaca

The President regains the keys to the Elysee. To express himself after his victory, he chose Champ-de-Mars, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. A place presented to him in a symbolic and elegant play.

We remember well, in 2017, the one who just became the new President of the French Republic. Alone and in a very theatrical setting, Emmanuel Macron solemnly stepped into the Louvre to give his speech, like the head of “Jupiter”, in his own words. Before he joined his wife Brigitte Macron, as well as one of her daughters and granddaughters, on the podium, immortalizing her victory with a family photo. Five years later, the candidate of the “La République En Marche” party was re-elected. The same scenario (but to a lesser degree) than in 2017: a victory over the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen (58% to 42%). With one difference, staging for re-election.

Emmanuel Macron chose to join his supporters, in the event of a victory, at the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. But he did not go there alone. If, as usual, he carefully attended to the stage prepared for his speech, he was accompanied by his wife Brigitte Macron and dozens of children, sons and daughters of volunteers from his campaign team. A symbolic initiative for those who were criticized for not speaking enough with young people during his election campaign.

“I think of Madame Le Pen’s fighters”

“Thank you for trusting me in the presidency of our republic for the next five years,” the tenant of the Elysee Palace began to confront a crowd of activists. The last chant: “President Macron”, followed by the slogan: “One year, two years, five more years.” Emmanuel Macron had a word for all the French men and women who voted for him, as well as for the opposition candidates and their members. I think of our compatriots who abstained, as well as of Madame Le Pen’s activists. I’m everyone’s boss,” the thunderous applause continued.

Brigitte Macron campaign

He also took the opportunity to recall some of the main lines of his program dedicated to creativity and innovation and his desire to “make France a great nation”. The topic of the Ukrainian people, who have been fighting for more than a month against the Russian military forces, was also discussed. “We are going through tragic times,” he said. France must now position itself and take responsibility for its choices.” With tears in his eyes, the President of the Republic concluded his speech with a strong sentence: Certainly the country is mired in doubts and divisions, but we must be strong. No one will be left by the way. François Bayrou or even Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti are on the front line to congratulate him.

Video, the last message sent by Emmanuel Macron to Angela Merkel

“I know where he wants to go.”

As in 2017, the French leader urged his wife to join him on stage. The First Lady, who was wearing a dark blue suit and high-heeled shoes, appeared on the platform with a fist clenched in her heart. The couple expressed their joy in an embrace, before giving way to Egyptian singer Farah Al-Dibani, mezzo-soprano at the Paris Opera, to translate the national anthem. “I felt a tremendous emotion, and you’ll never get used to it,” Brigitte Macron explained, a few minutes later, on the France 2 microphone. We all want things to change. She also expressed her “great confidence” in her husband. “I know where he wants to go,” she concluded.

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