Hong Kong Metro launches in Sandbox Metaverse (SAND)

MTR Joins the Sandbox metaverse (SAND)

MTR Corporation Responsible for managing the Hong Kong metro network, has just announced its arrival in the metaverse. The company, which is majority owned by the Hong Kong government, has partnered with The Sandbox (SAND), one of the most popular digital worlds.

MRT is proud to be “The world’s leading transportation operator” To jump to metaverse. Born in Hong Kong, MTR has also expanded abroad, supporting metros in the UK, China, Sweden and Australia.

As part of this partnership, a metro manager will be developed A virtual space focused on railways to create unique, fun and immersive experiences. More specifically, MTR announces the creation ofvirtual metro station.

Inside this station, users will be able to drive a train, take a metro trip, visit a museum about the history of the railway network, or even manage a station. The company will also use the metaverse to facilitating teaching Mathematics, science, engineering and technology. MTR is committed to making the subway world fun and interesting.

To implement this project, the company He bought a virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse. This initiative is part of a campaign called “Go Smart Go Beyond”, which aims to exploit the latest technological innovations Communicate with users, especially the younger ones. In the statement released by MTR, Dr. Jacob Kamm, CEO of the company explained:

“Our entry into the metaverse allows us to build a fun place to interact with our community while seizing opportunities that will enhance our real-world experience.”.

from his side, Sebastien Bourgetco-founder of The Sandbox, claims that “Public transportation will play a major role in shaping the future of the real world and the metaverse.”.

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Sandbox (SAND) Partnerships Continue

In recent months, Sandbox . has been restricted Several partnerships with famous companies By taking advantage of the enthusiasm aroused by metaverses. For example, banking giant HSBC joined the Sandbox metaverse in March to connect with gaming and sports fans.

Several French groups have also embarked on this virtual world, including AXA France and Carrefour. It should also be remembered that Sandbox has entered into an agreement with Arbitrage In order to enhance security in digital worlds accessible in virtual reality.

Through these prestigious partnerships, The Sandbox aims to raise $400 million in the near future. Thanks to this new funding round, the metaverse community plans to recruit collaborators and Take over promising companies from the sector. Based on this expansion strategy, The Sandbox hopes to outperform its major competitors, including Decentraland (MANA).

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Source: MTR . Corporation

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