Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Developers, Video Games, Special Effects: Digital Recruits in Montpellier

Digital thrives and lacks candidates. Women are underrepresented in this sector.

Web designer, graphic designer, developers, positions in video games, special effects … The digital sector is recruiting in the Montpellier sector. “Many employers in this field employ 200 people annually. The supply has developed a lot for two years,” Céline Chauvet, deputy regional director, Herault confirmed.

1700 digital job offers in Occitanie

There are also many offers in cyber security careers or in IT support companies. These opportunities are well known to Pôle Emploi, which faces a shortage of trained candidates in these areas.

“We support and train. We provide qualified training and adaptive training specific to a particular position when a candidate lacks a skill before they are recruited.”

These courses are offered by the agency Montpellier-Castelnau, which specializes in digital expertise, and by other agencies, through workshops. Training is possible all year round. In 2021, 1,700 digital job offers were identified by Pôle emploi in the Occitanie region, knowing that one job offer can represent several jobs.

‘Too many prejudices hold girls back’

Women are still underrepresented. “Only 30% of women hold positions in the digital sector while these professions are developing and there are no candidates. In development and programming, this number even drops to 17%. It is not changing in the right direction.Deschvers Audrey Drogon, Communications Project Director for La Mêlée Association, which has been working in the digital field for more than 20 years. Many prejudices discourage girls. We are facing a real lack of knowledge of the burgeoning professions that are hiring. this is really sad.”

Empowering women to identify with role models

Even after a short training, trades are accessible. Industry professionals agree: There is a real need to demystify, publicize and inspire candidates. In addition, these are lucrative professions.notes Audrey Drogon.

To overcome this reality, La Mêlée is developing “Numerical for them” programs for girls and women in middle and high school in retraining. For an hour, the association offers four digital careers, through certifications. A necessity to concretely express functions that are often abstract in people’s minds and allow women to identify role models.

Whether you come from cleaning or sewing, this world must be invented in our image

Clara LeVeque, founder and director of the consulting firm Open Intelligence Data (OID), in Saint-Mathieu-de-Trviers, testifies when she can combat the clichés of the digital professions.

She is an expert in data valuation, specializing in geomatics and artificial intelligence project management. “I got there by chance. When I was young, I would head into the woods. Once I got my degree, there was no job. By chance, I discovered cartography through my job and that got me excited. That’s how I met Digital and continued my career in it.”

“Digital is the future”

Convinced that “Tomorrow’s World is Digital”Clara Levêque encourages everyone to take an interest in this job-producing sector. “Whether you come from cleaning or sewing, this world must be invented in our image. There is a huge place to occupy, you must not be afraid, for training. There is clearly a shortage of candidates. Digital is next.”

Hackathon event in May and June for recruiting

Pôle Emploi is launching the second edition of the hackathon in May or June. For two days, developers can showcase their skills. Mentors come from companies interested in these profiles to see them in action.

Of the 15 candidates who participated last year, all were recruited. “It is an important issue for us, Céline Chauvet, Regional Director confirms. This allows every candidate to have a chance, while with a simple CV not everything will be received.”

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