video. Long Tail Cargo Bike: Are Kids Safe on These New Bikes?

Are cargo and long bikes safe for children? This is the question we can ask ourselves while watching disturbing crash test videos made in Switzerland and Germany. In one of them, a cargo bike at a speed of 25 km / h rushes into a stationary car, the two child models sitting in the trunk in the front are taken out, their belts are torn off and their heads hit the chest.

In another sequence, a car collided with a long parked plane at 30 km/h. The cyclist and the two small crossbars sitting in the back crashed into the hood of the child seats. “ It is not certain that they will die,” Marshall Gioblina, one of the experts who participated in the Swiss crash test, explains, “ But in any case they will suffer from great pests “.

These new types of bikes, called “long-tail” when extended at the rear and “biporteurs” when box-equipped at the front or rear, are developing more and more, particularly in the Urban. Between 2020 and 2021, sales increased by 54%, and the growth won’t stop anytime soon, if we are to believe Decathlon’s launch of a “low-cost” long car (2,700 euros).

The first to be seduced were the city dwellers: “ To move groceries and kids, it’s great “,” says Amandine during a test session conducted by the Cyclable franchise, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. ” Today I ride a regular bike and child seats, but this test convinces me Explains this to another dad who came for a long tail test. However, when watching the crash test videos prepared by the Dynamic Test Center, in Switzerland, and by ADAC, a German road safety association, the issue of safety stands out.

According to the Highway Code, children under the age of five must be transported in an approved seat with a restraint system and footrests. For children over 5 years old, apart from the mandatory helmet up to 12 years old, they are considered adults. Thus, the only legal requirements are a separate seat attached to the vehicle, footrests, and a harness or tie handle. ” It is strictly forbidden to carry someone on the luggage rack”, Oliver Mosheboff, director of standards and regulations at Union Sports et Cycles (USC), an organization that brings together French bike manufacturers.

And after several email exchanges with Road Safety, we were assured that it was strictly forbidden to carry children or adults in the back of a long tail in the absence of a separate seat…although this type of bike is designed for these. It is impossible to know what defines a seat by law.

With regard to seat belts in cargo bike boxes, the conclusion is no less bad: Currently, there is no standard or approval for transporting children on these bikes. “ According to the goodwill of manufacturers Olivier Moschbeoff of the University of Southern California frequents. Seat belts reassure parents, however: “ In the model we tested, the belt was simply screwed into the wooden box. ‘, details Martial Giobellina from DTC,’ The moment of shock is gone The same note on cargo ships tested by ADAC. For the accident analysis expert, these belts are useless in the event of a collision and only serve to prevent children from getting out of the transfer case. On the other hand, it specifies that in the event of a collision, whether On a cargo, long-tail or classic bike, there will be little difference: drivers and passengers will suffer.

In France, no cargo bike and longplane brand has ever done a crash test. We asked Maël Bourras, Director of Customer Service at Yuba, one of the largest manufacturers of cargo and long bikes in France, to comment: “ The crash test videos show above all that cars are the danger and that it is necessary to create more cycling facilities For Yuba, who has been making this type of bike for 15 years, a standard regarding the transportation of children is almost expected: “ This will prevent low-cost brands from doing anything about safety while we are sure all standards are met. Says Mile Borras.

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