In Yssingeaux, children take a citizenship course

What to remember

• At noon, the participation rate in Haute-Loire was 31.79%, which is just under 5 years (32.28%).

• Nationally, the midday participation rate is 26.41%.

15 hours: In Saint-Just-Malmont, as the first resident of Benjammenot

In the multi-purpose room at Saint-Just-Malmont, the electors returned in the early afternoon after a brief lull during the meal. Among the current evaluators, Benjamin Voltier, 33, is participating for the first time in an election behind the ballot box. He narrates this first experience of “Meeting the Population”.

14 hours: Voting, a moment to introduce children to citizenship

In the World Cup room in Yssingeaux this Sunday afternoon, strollers and cuddly toys rubbed their shoulders with ballot papers. In the middle of the school holidays, the second round of the presidency was a chance to occupy the little darlings.

Leandro, 5 years old, all smiles, came with his mother. “It’s the second time, he actually came with me in the first round. It keeps him busy, but also lets him show him how it’s going, it’s important,” says the mother.

“It allows them to discover the vote, and to prove to them that even if we are not very excited about the remaining choice, it is important that we go and vote,” says another Yssingelaise, her son against it.

Allows them to discover voting, and prove the importance of voting

Liam, 8, accompanies his mother with his younger sister. “He’s in CE2, he’s starting to learn some republic concepts in school, they’ve learned Marseille And who is Marianne? »

If the little kid says he knows the candidates, then when asked if that makes him want to vote when he gets older… For now, he’s still “maybe.”

Participation of 35% was not hampered by school holidays at noon, a 4 point increase over the first round. Agents were also more numerous in this second round, and a hundred more were counted.

1:30 PM.: In San Segolin 45% of registered voters went to vote before noon

Without getting all the midday turnout rates in Haute-Loire, it appears that Saint-Ségolin voters turned out in mass Sunday morning because 45% of the 4,451 registered voters had put their envelope in the ballot box before noon.

1:30 PM.: 42.35% of the stake in Le Puy-en-Velay

At 1:30 pm, turnout at Le Puy-en-Velay was 42.35%. And to score in the first round, it was 45.33%.

13 hours: Post a dip at Monistrol-sur-Loire

At Monistrol-sur-Loire, turnout at midday was 29.13% (7071 registered), about the same as in the first round, two weeks ago. During the second round in 2017, turnout at noon was much higher: 34%.

12:30 pm: We evaluate participation in Yssingeaux and Aurec-sur-Loire

In Yssingeaux, turnout at noon was 35%. For this second round, at midday, voters moved over two weeks ago (31%).

In Aurec-sur-Loire, the four offices show results close to 38%: accommodation (38.6% – 422 out of 1,093 registered); Association House (37.68% – 511 out of 1,356 registered); MJC (38.51% (431 out of 1,119 registered); school (38.22% (391 out of 1,023 registered).

In Yssingeaux, photo by Julie Garnier

12:00: 31.79% turnout at midday

That’s it, the first estimates of the participation rate have just come down. In Haute-Loire, 31.79% of registered voters made the trip to the polls. In 2017, it was 32.28% at the same time.

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11:00: “I vote every time”

Nassim Dodouh, a 28-year-old salesperson, is seen leaving the Saint Ferriol d’Or polling station, voting for the third time in the presidential election: “I am interested in politics, I vote every time in Bergen.”

10:30 am.: In Pont-Salomon, 19% of the electorate have already cast their ballots

This Sunday, Pontois moved very early to the polls. Of the 1,332 registered voters, 250 had already voted at 10:30 a.m. The crowd was similar to that during the first round, on April 10, noted the city’s mayor, David Raberin, who ensured that the polls were well organized.

10 o’clock : In Sainte-Sigolène, on a busy Sunday for residents

With two different voting rooms and four ballot boxes to receive ballot papers, the municipality of Sainte-Sigolène has a great need for residents.

For some people, being present at these times is a habit. For others, the commitment is fairly recent. This is the case of Delphine Bonet who decided for the first time to appear on Mayor Dominique Frescent’s list.

Delphine has been installed to the municipal council since 2020, this Sunday, and is dedicating her spare time to elections. During the first round, she had already held a polling station and remained until the final result of the count. It will be the same today. For Delphine, it will be “Election Day, not House Day.”

Delphine Bonnet will stay close to the polls from the opening of the polling station to the results. Pictures of Fabrice Vernon

9 hours: The first voters

It’s nine. One hour after the polling station opened in Saint-Pierre Enac, 64 voters did their civic duty. “It’s very similar to the first round,” Mayor Raymond Abriel says.

8 hours : Polling stations are open

That’s it, polls are open! In Haute-Loire, 180,000 voters were called to the polls. They have a choice between Emmanuel Macron (LREM) and Marine Le Pen (RN). Five years ago the abstention rate was 21.25%.

Polling stations are open until 7 pm.

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First round in Haute-Loire

• On April 10, during the first round, the circle was laid out Marine Le Pen in the leadHe received it with 27.66% of the vote. It is followed from a distance by candidate Emmanuel Macron, who received 23.23% of the vote.

• The RN candidate reached 31.96% in Aurec-sur-Loire, 31.37% in Saint-Didier-en-Velay, 32.68% in Vorey-sur-Arzon, 31.6% in Dunières, 31.66% in Sainte-Sigolène, 34.8% in Riotord, up to 38.07% in Beauzac and 39.2% in Raucoules.

• These elections were also marked by a high turnout in the constituency. Rises to 77.28%4 points more than the national level.

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