Her unrecognizable children, they have changed so much!

Elodie Gossuin entered French life as Miss Picardy in 2000. In 2001, she was elected Miss France and in the same year she won the title of Miss Europe. I entered into their hearts much more than mere entry into the lives of the French. And after more than 20 years, you have to believe that she has not left him. In fact, Elodie Gossuin fans number in the thousands.

If only on his Instagram account, there are more than 530,000 to follow his activities. Each of her professional activities, since the former model became a host in 2005, as her own. On his Instagram account, it is not difficult to understand that the family of Elodie Gossuin occupies a large place in his life. That’s why, in the context of modern and adorable family vacation photos, Objeko He invites you to see how much the four children of the former Miss France have grown!

Elodie Gossuin puts her family in the spotlight

It’s hard for our star hostess not to talk about her happiness at being a mother. It is even impossible because it is such an important part of what makes him happy. Also, we have no doubts that it is a similar feeling that her husband has. In fact, if Elodie Gossuin regularly talks about it on the Web, then her husband, Bertrand Lacherie, is less gossip on social networks. However, no one will be able to doubt that the former Miss France couple are still very strong and her family is more united than ever. It turns out that the person who is now a host is admired by her fans. And one of the reasons she is so admired is the fact that she is totally devoted to her family.

A mother of two to twins, it’s an adventure not all moms who follow her can experience. On December 21, 2007, Elodie Gossuin gave birth to Rose and Jules. And on October 9, 2013, Josephine and Leonard expanded the family. So it was two extraordinary pregnancies that changed the life of Bertrand Lachere’s wife. And she doesn’t lack vocabulary when it comes to describing her happiness at being a mother to her fans on the web. A discourse that only grows over the years. And for further proof, like our colleagues from the magazine expensiveAnd Objeko Invites you to discover Elodie Gossiun photos of the Easter holiday.

If most French people stay in the country for these holidays, Elodie Gossuin and her family decide to change the scene. Abu Dhabi direction for the whole family. Because, as fans of the former Miss France know, it is impossible to solve her from going on vacation away from her children for a long time.

Ha “Golden Family”And its base and shelter at the same time

When she met Bertrand Lachere, Elodie Joswin knew he would be the man she would achieve in her life. Maybe it wasn’t clear in his mind, but the feeling was there. And Objeko He could tell you she wasn’t wrong. In fact, they have been married since July 1, 2006 and still look as in love as on the first day. maybe more! On the other hand, the secret to the longevity of the Elodie Gossuin couple cannot be known. However, she sometimes gives advice on raising children. Or rather, she allows herself to share her experience. But far from it is a desire to give lessons. On the contrary, and for this also adored by the public, she has enough perspective to accept that motherhood is not incompatible with perfection.

Elodie Gossuin’s kids undoubtedly take up a lot of her time. The fact that they’re two sets of twins doesn’t help matters. But she will never regret missing dinner parties so that she can spend time with her children. As she has repeated in many interviews, her family is her most precious treasure. family ” Of gold “ They will not trade for anything in the world. Finally, according to the photos posted by the former Miss France, her children and husband will not exchange Elodie Gossuin for all the gold in the world either. Another successful holiday for camels and her big tribe. In the comments, it is not so long ago to congratulate the fans.

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