All you need to know about the virtual reality engineer job

The Virtual Reality Architect occupies an essential role in the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. His profession is even one of virtual reality professions most important. This professional actually creates a world that allows users to interact with 3D images as if they were in real life. This is why it is so interesting to learn more about his job.

The profession of virtual reality engineer is one of new professions created by this technology. The specialist leads above all else to search for technical solutions for the development of various VR applications. Previously, there were no specific studies for becoming one. It was enough to have knowledge of human-machine interfaces and computer qualifications. However, things have changed a lot since then.

Virtual Reality Engineer Job Description

L ‘Virtual Reality Engineer Or in augmented reality is of course a professional who specializes in virtual technologies. It is a type of computer technology that aims to reproduce any 3D environment in order to provide users with the possibility to interact with it.

So the specialist develops differently Immersion techniques Various programs using specific tools. These can be VR or AR headsets, VR glasses, motion sensors, digital gloves, or even 3D mice.

Note that for best results, expert make visibleillustrations and special effects for each location or product to be reproduced. At the same time, he is interested in introducing formats, movement of different characters and colors. Every solution it offers also undergoes rigorous design, control and validation before it is deployed and tested.

A profession that requires team spirit

Good to know that a fileVirtual Reality Engineer It works in most cases a team with different researchers. So he can work either in a company or in a university laboratory. So team spirit is important for those who want to enter the field.

Also, a VR specialist can work in different sectors At the same time. There are, for example, the video game, automotive, audiovisual, cinema, construction, health, aviation and many others sectors.

In fact, by developing adapted simulatorsA professional can deal well with different types of users working in different fields. In short, the VR engineer has a prosperous future because the sectors of use of the famous technology are almost unlimited.

Virtual Reality Engineer

What are the trainings and skills required to become a Virtual Reality Engineer?

Anyone who would like to become Virtual Reality Engineer You must have at least an engineering or master’s degree and therefore a Bac + 5 courses. That’s why she can study With institutions like UTBM, Enib, Efrei, Ensam, ISEP, etc.

in between a trip Which can do the trick, there is, for example, the RVSI (Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems) course or the IN2P (Digital Product Processing Engineering) course at Paris Saclay. There is also a Virtual Reality Image Interactions course and a Games course leading to a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering in Strasbourg.

For the basic skills needed to become a VR engineer, you must know how to use a file game engine Three-dimensional. Among the development platforms available in the current market, lonliness It is one of the most recommended. To qualify for this position, it is also important to know how to create or import 3D assets. Finally, it is necessary to know how to program in the game engine, so it is especially recommended to learn C#.

What about salary and career development for this specialist?

a Virtual Reality Engineer A junior gets on average a gross monthly salary 2500 EUR. However, this salary can change very quickly, especially if you work for a private company.

In terms of career development, over time can become a virtual reality specialist project head. However, to get to such a position, he must show great mastery of various techniques. Of course, he must also have a lot of experience.

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