Alencon. Medieval Everyday Life: A Guided Tour for Kids

In the front yard of Notre Dame cathedral, Léa Charpentier questions the children about their knowledge. © Lorne Hebdo

From the height of his seven years, joules Fell in the heart of Alençon (Orne), In the time of the Middle AgesWednesday, April 20 in the afternoon.

For more than an hour, he and 20 more kids Those under the age of twelve had the opportunity to imagine themselves as princesses, merchants or knights, thanks to Leah Charpentierguide and lecturer at the Tourism Office of the Urban Community of Alençon.

archival works

This part of the story shows children and the city is full of medieval relics Leah Charpentierwho leads two of the four scheduled visits in Wednesday school holidays.

The other two visits are led by his colleague Willem Girondealong with who designed this project.

“For three weeks, we did archival work, and designed a game brochure to make the visit more enjoyable,” says the young woman.

during the course, brochure on handKids will be able to answer the riddles whose answers are hidden in their explanations Tour guide.

A guided tour for children at Alenson Tourist Office
The children managed to notice a hole in one of the remaining towers in the Porte de la Barre. © Lorne Hebdo

Places steeped in history

This interactive visit cannot begin anywhere other than at the foot of Notre Dame cathedral, a symbolic building of the city. Its construction began during the Hundred Years’ War in 1356, and was completed in 19And a century.

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“How long does it take to build a church like this? The guide asks the children.” Between five and ten? Venture little boy.

Then the group stops in front of post gate“One of the five gates that allowed you to enter the city,” explains Léa Charpentier.

The latter is happy to tell the children the legend of the Postern Ranger. When Alençon was liberated in 1449, the guard, whose job was to bring the knights into the city to liberate it from the English, was asleep. “Hence his nickname: Sleeping Duval.”

A guided tour for children at Alenson Tourist Office
Guide Léa Charpentier on Rue de la Poterne told the legend of Duval the Sleeping. © Lorne Hebdo

Discover Alencon differently

Excited kids don’t keep their tongues in their pockets. They are fond of stories and excited about questions about city ​​heritageto the delight young guideWhich leads this visit for the first time.

“I was born on this street,” says a woman in her sixties, when the group arrived the rue aux Sieurs. Surrounded by her granddaughters from Bordeaux, she admits: “When we walk around, we don’t talk specifically about the history of the place. This visit is a perfect opportunity to introduce them to Alençon in a different way.”

residing in Conde Sur Sarthe She came with her grandson from Rin. “I love the Middle Ages,” said the little boy, the stars in his eyes facing the gap still in the Porte de la Barre tower.

Knight or princess?

The St. Leonard District at house in the kiosk Passes through Dolphin Court or even Hebert Courtthe group finished their journey in Castle of the Dukes.

An inspiring place for children who never lack imagination. “If I lived in the Middle Ages, let me be Princess Sophia!”

“If I were a knight, my name would be Anakin!” Cheer Jules from Star Wars fans. In the CE1 class in Arçonnay, he is accompanied by his grandfather, who is very accustomed to the tourist visits that the city has to offer.

A guided tour for children at Alenson Tourist Office
Children rely on their playbook. © Lorne Hebdo

Like him many grandparents To take the opportunity of the school holidays to share time with their grandchildren who came from Caen or Rennes.

It is a real success. Children are dynamic, interested, receptive, parents are grateful, smiling, it is very satisfying.

Leah Charpentier, tour guide

“It was one of my best visits,” Léa Charpentier rejoices after an hour and a half of walking.

The last two visits will take place on Wednesday, May 27 and Wednesday, April 4 at 3 pm.

Price: adults: 5 euros, young people between the ages of 10 and 18: 2.50 euros, children under 10: free. Reservation required: 02 33 80 66 33 or

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