The broken reasons for their separation

Jean-Pascal Lacoste has come a long way since then star Academy In 2000. In fact, currently, he plays in this series search section on the chain TF1. But we still remember his first steps in music and especially his love affair with the winner of the first season, Jennifer. Unlike her castle companion, she managed to break into the art scene. Find out what she said about him and why she broke up with the instigator.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste: Find out the real reason he broke up with Jennifer at the castle

As a reminder, the first season of star Academy It was broadcast on our screens from October 20, 2001 to January 12, 2002. At that time, it was Nikos Aliagas who hosted the reality show, so it was still he who dominated the reunion 20 years later. The singing competition brought together many young candidates, each more talented than the other, including Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jennifer Bartoli. In addition to their lyrical prowess, they were very quickly in the spotlight with their budding love affair at Dammarie-les-Lys Castle.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first season, Nicos Aliagas interviewed the 39-year-old Corsica in October 2021. In all honesty, the singer jokingly admitted that Jean-Pascal Lacoste had never been ” kind of man They also identified that they were very young: Normal you are in the camp, benefit!On the contrary, the instigator fell in love with her very much.

The summer camp relationship that was going too fast for her

Jennifer has always been very honest and wouldn’t change today. Therefore, she was kind enough to reveal the true reason for their separation. The winner of the first season of Star Academy preferred to break up, because she saw that Jean-Pascal Lacoste loved her much more. Faced with this contradiction, she did not want to make him suffer and hoped for many things, so the separation was necessary for her. ” I told him I preferred to back off because it was going too fast for me. I don’t feel the love he feels for me‘,” the song’s translator explained Wait for love.

For his part, Jean-Pascal Lacoste has more tender words about the singer. In fact, the former columnist in TPMP It states: It was true. I was in love with Jin. It’s an affair between us. It was great and we were so cute. “The young man is very saddened by their separation, but he only remains” good memories of romance. In addition, Jean-Pascal Lacoste was never jealous and was very proud of her victory in the singing competition against Mario.

Jean Pascal Lacoste has no luck with “Jennifer”

After that, Jean-Pascal Lacoste had a romantic relationship with an American named Jennifer. Was it a coincidence and revenge for his romantic past? Anyway, this time, this Jennifer got married on January 12, 2007 and together they had two young children: Kylie in 2008 and Maverick in 2012. In 2016, Jean-Pascal Lacoste and his companion decided to divorce. But everything is going well for him, because he has found love again in the arms of Delphine Teller, who is none other than Sylvie Teller’s little sister. They are 15 years in age. Everything is rolling for the lovebirds, because a wedding will be announced in 2022 and they are already expecting their first child…

Jennifer also became a mother three times. In 2003, she gave birth to Aaron with her partner Maxim Nucci. Then Joseph was born in 2014 and is the fruit of his romance with Thierry Novick. Finally, recently in 2021, a third boy joined this family. His name is Giovanni and his father is Ambroise Vichy.

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