Stripe to test USDC payments on Twitter via Polygon (MATIC)

Stripe offers USDC as a payment method

After 4 years of putting in place Bitcoin (BTC) which is very volatile and not suitable for transactions, ribbon It appears that he has found a preferred alternative to cryptocurrency payments. In fact, it was announced by the American giant specializing in payment solutions for professionals USDC will be offered as an option.

Stripe already offers payment tools, particularly via tie tape For popular trading platforms like Shopify where Maryam Al-Dakhil’s books for the Richa Academyallowing customers, among other things, to pay for products of their choice in Their own currency, across more than 70 countries.

But last month, the company announced that it was launching a range of products for companies specializing in it Payments made in digital assetswhile reducing the risk of fraud Through the largely democratized KYC process (Know your customer).

Then it established partnerships with Giant FTX as well as with its American subsidiary FTX.USand others like where French company Just Mining.

But Stripe decided to think big, and announced yesterday Friday, April 22nd that its partner platforms will be able to You pay instantly the diverse creators they host with USDCthe second largest stablecoin in the dollar-backed market, and Thanks to Polygon Network (MATIC).

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Twitter gets the ball

According to the press release, it is The popular social network Twitter which will serve as a test platform. In fact, it will be the new Stripe tool First proposed to a select committee of American creatorswhich will be able to receive payments in cryptocurrency Via paid spaces or via super followerss from Twitter.

In particular, this will allow creators to connect with their community in innovative ways, according to Esther CrawfordHead of Product for Twitter Creators:

“Twitter is where people go to have conversations about the news. We strive to help creators who fuel this kind of conversation earn money and connect with their audience in new ways. We are excited to start offering cryptocurrency payments to creators through Stripe, so they have more Choices in how they get their money. »

Adding cryptocurrency payments on this type of platform has two advantages: it allows the respective platforms to do so Participate in the growth of Web 3.0 without the need to buy cryptocurrency directly, but It also allows you to reach a wider audiencethat is, users who prefer to pay online with cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies.

Initially, this new payment tool will work through Ethereum (ETH) polygon side chainwhich allows Almost instant transactions to reduce costswhich also has the advantage of having a low carbon footprint, which will become close to zero.

So these are the first steps of this new service, which will initially work as a test, but we already know that in the future, Stripe plans to include more networks than Polygon especially, More Cryptocurrencies Than USDC.

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Source: Stripe

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