Osama Ammar leaves the family to join cryptocurrency

I feel like I’m going back to the beginnings of the internet – Here are the comments made by Osama Ammar during his intervention in the record Let’s talk about encryption On a black radio antenna. It was also a way to Co-founder of The Family To explain his reasons for leaving, why did he get into cryptocurrency in particular? And we have to explain to you: why that might be fun Osama Ammar rubs his shoulders with the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors For French and European companies?

Who is Osama Ammar and what is the family?

The family is a French company founded in 2013 by Alice Zagouri, Nicholas Colin and Osama Ammar. The main objective of The Family is to provide the necessary resources to young entrepreneurs such as: education, tools and also access to capital so that they can create revolutionary, global and scalable businesses. in other words, The family is a business accelerator.

Alice Zagori, co-founder of The Family
Nicholas Cullen co-founder of The Family
Osama Ammar, co-founder of The Family

Osama Ammar He started entrepreneurship at a very young age (about 13/14 years old). His career is interspersed with many experiences in show business, but the ones he returns regularly have been creating websites that he has resold, and then those related to buying and reselling antiques online. he is Digital Entrepreneurship Path In the early days of the internet.

What leads us to wonder about the intentions that prompted Osama Ammar to leave his position?

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Change of opinion about cryptocurrencies or want to move forward?

The Covid epidemic that began during the year 2020 re-mixed the papers of the daily life of Osama Ammar, who used to meet and interact with many people every day, and he saw himself locked up like millions of other citizens. This unprecedented situation prompted him to reflect on his ambitions and question his own desires and desires. but also to read and Being interested in the cryptocurrency fieldWho admits that he missed the beginnings:

“I am a bit silly because I was first told about bitcoins in 2010. Well I bought some. When it was x20 I sold them (…) I had a VC warehouse (Venture Capitalist) and when I do x20 in a fund it’s because I I did it really well.”

Osama Ammar

(…) But I didn’t take it seriously.”

keep going

But after some time, Osama Ammar at Web3 realized this feeling he was feeling when he knew the beginnings of the Internet.

“It is very similar to what I went through when I was 13/14 and it was the beginning of the internet.”

Osama Ammar

Added to this is a shift in his profession, which has moved from the paradigm in which he helped people with nothing to set out to start entrepreneurship to transform their lives. To help people who have a lot of money not spend it all. Thus what was the salt of his profession of experimentation, fast and dirtyCreativity and learning on the job, which he compares to a form of hacking, has transformed over time into a management profession in which he no longer necessarily finds himself.

this is the reason Web3 is a breath of fresh air for him. Because there he found what he loved when he started the family adventure.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs as units of measure of value

My first big position in cryptocurrency was -95%, and he laughs, and I think that’s cool. »

Osama Ammar

This sentence should be put in context: it is about his way of seeing things, which he mentions regularly and which consists in the fact that in the market if one is right, he makes money, and if ‘we are wrong we lose money’. This loss is proportional to the lesson required.

Osama Ammar says his interest in NFTs came after a friend of his brought him, for his birthday, a painting of NFTs from the Lazy Lions collection she made.

After posting it on Instagram with his Ethereum address in a sarcastic manner, because Osama Ammar has yet to realize the value of NFTs, which he readily admits. Several NFTs have sent it to this address. After thanking his generous donors, he ended up taking an interest in the sector and questioning what determines the value of the NFT.

This led him to the following conclusion:

Although it is difficult to understand: value is determined only by supply and demand. »

Osama Ammar

One of the reasons why so many countries or public figures take a bleak view of cryptocurrency is that it allows “anyone” to create a small, digital, personal and independent nation. Let everyone have the right to have their own ticket printer. Cryptos and NFTs have the ability to create money, create value and align the interests of many people, whether they are speculative, political or ideological.

According to Osama Ammar, cryptocurrency will not replace Web2. But it will simply create something completely new, as with Metavers for example.

NFTs as the first pioneering experience in the cryptocurrency sector

Osama Ammar’s first entrepreneurial initiative focused on the field of NFTs, who, with the approval of musician Sofiane Bamart, launched his own group. This set of NFTs allows buyers to gain privileged access to a private platform. Through it, you can access to listen to an album in preview by signing a transaction with your NFT.

Sofiane Bamart also introduces himself as the owner of a bored monkey
Sofiane Bamart also introduces himself as the owner of a bored monkey

But if the value of the NFT lies in this meeting between supply and demand. What makes the difference between different projects?

So marketing becomes a central topic, where the primary, i.e., NFT, is the same for everyone.

Marketing meaning: taking something people don’t know and explaining it to them so simply that they want it.

If in the past, Osama Ammar Did not invest in crypto business, when he was on The Family. It is mainly, because he knew different periods and their fashions, which had their share Buzzwords Like ” big data “,” artificial intelligence “, etc…

what it looks like Different from Osama AmmarOn the one hand, blockchain brings with it a change in society, where data belongs to its users. But on the other hand a series of personal tragedies. Such as losing private keys or sending money to wrong addresses, which will lead to capital losses for some.

The family in web 3.0 sauce?

Whether you love or hate the family system, the startup accelerator has marked the French landscape in the best possible way by creating unicorns and training several people in entrepreneurship. But, It doesn’t look like the family has started switching encryption yet.

While Osama Ammar begins to delve into the issue of investing in crypto businesses through an incubator:

A tweet from Osama Ammar announcing his joining The Crypto Fellowship
A tweet from Osama Ammar announcing his joining The Crypto Fellowship

we are here! I joined lecryptofello as a partner and mentor. I’m proud of what we build in Europe and wanted to give it back to you: Apply to the next LCF group and try your chance to be mentored by me 🤝 »

Tweet by Osama Ammar

So Osama Ammar joins as partner and mentor to startup incubation program cipher “coding fellowshipIt is the result of the link between the French seed investment fund (the seed capital) verst and the European Fund textile projects.

The goal is to allow European Entrepreneurs To embark on a web 3.0 adventure. So that they can develop skills, which may be the unicorns of tomorrow.

After accompanying 10 entrepreneurs out of 350 applicants. The Crypto Fellowship repeats the process and increases the number of possibilities received within this incubator, which will be awarded according to its website. Envelope worth 100,000 euros For: “Live, Learn and Experience for 1 Year” Moreover, it will not be necessary to have business ideas or Action Plan Since the beginning.

Although programming skills or proficiency are recommended. No practical experience with Web3.

The Crypto Fellowship deal will be that once the business is created, the incubator will get 7% of the business and then can invest €700,000 Additional capital increase of 13% or 20% of the company held by The Crypto Fellowship.

An envelope worth 100,000 euros includes:

  • €50,000 Salary (i.e. €71,000 including tax)
  • €29.000 Which will cover computer expenses, lawyers and Ethereum network costs
Entrepreneurs will be paid to develop their skills in Web3
Entrepreneurs will be paid to develop their skills in Web3, Source: LeCryptoFelloShip official website

Registrations are already open and can register at this address. The selection of contractors is expected to begin in March 2022.

Will history repeat itself again? This is all we wish for the crypto ecosystem and for Osama Ammar, who through this new incubator for crypto startups will be able to create the unicorn of the future and make Europe one of the most prominent regions in the crypto ecosystem.

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