Metaverses, the future of cryptocurrency and gaming? This billionaire is spending a fortune on it

The default replaces the real – Galaxy Interactive, the venture capital arm of Galaxy Digital led by billionaire Mike Novogratz, has joined Republic Realm’s metaverse funding round as a lead investor. Discover with us the nearly infinite possibilities of the meta-universes!

Originally, the metaverse was a virtual world, created artificially by a computer program. Now hosting a community of existing users appearance of the gods able to move there and interact socially and sometimes economically. thanks for theIntegration of NFTs into video gamesThis sector is now opening up to unlimited possibilities.

Republic Kingdomthe industry leader, and operates a diversified portfolio of NFTs real estate in many metaverses. The team develops plots of land, to increase value and promote community development, including Advertising in the virtual world As in fact.

The company develops neighborhoods and attractions around the metaverse. Incorporates real-world development principles with Architects and the famous painters that create unique spaces and foster the birth of communities by enriching metaverse ecosystems.

For several decades, video games have not stopped operating in their world and have surpassed themselves to offer more advanced graphics and capabilities. from now on, It is an electronic gameAnd Maine Craft where animal crossing You have gone beyond a simple video game aspect, for the sake of integrating Graduation Partiesfrom Meetings or live concerts Within the video game itself, like rapper Travis Scott, who has amassed 12 million players in Fortnite.

The regression toward default caused by the current worldwide pandemic has also had it Significant impact On these mini metaverses, with a significant increase in the number of simultaneous online players and the number of events offered by different communities.

Giant Bets Metaverse?

The team works around the billionaire today to buildfuture metaverse :

Post by Repulic Realm - Source: Twitter
Repulic Realm – Source: Twitter

Galaxy Interactivethe venture capital division of Galaxy Digital, took over the role ofmain investor In the Metaverse project in the world of the Republic. Actually, Janine YorioThe CEO of Republic Realm said Mike Novogratz’s support was a ‘Voice of confidence’ to invest $10 million. In total, the company has already raised $36 million in his mega projects.

Founded in 2021, US-based Republic Realm has achieved more 1500 investment And bought, this month, a Virtual Earth based on decentralized blockchain to $900,000. The team then developed this terrain by adding buildings to it. In particular, she built virtual mall And rented virtual stores, to name a few.

In virtual worlds, such as decentralizationUsers can view their NFT art collections, open businesses, walk with friends, visit monuments and attend events. Thus, the price of blockchain-based real estate has skyrocketed in virtual worlds with NFT Market Boom this year.

The Metaverse has been an ancient fantasy for many geeks, sci-fi fans, and gamers. But with advances in technology and blockchain integration, the possibilities now seem endless, and the future is closer than ever. With giants, such as Roblox, Epic Games (creator of It is an electronic game) or Facebook investing fortunes, Republic Realm is no longer the only company to bet heavily on the metaverse.

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